The 4 Types of Electricians


Electricians are required to install and maintain electrical power, lighting, communications and control systems in businesses, factories and homes. Almost every building has electrical power and most electrician job descriptions will include installing electrical systems in newly constructed buildings.

One of the jobs that electricians do is read blueprints. These blue prints are technical diagrams of electrical systems that show the locations of various circuits, outlets and other equipment. Electricians will also be required to use various types of hand and power tools like conduit benders, to protect the wiring. Other commonly used tools in jobs used by electricians are screwdrivers, wire strippers, drills, and saws.

Most electrician jobs require them to work alone but sometimes they are required to collaborate with others. For example, electricians with experience might be required to work with engineers and architects so that they can help design electrical systems for new construction. Few electricians might be required to seek consultation with other construction specialists like the elevator installer or the heating and air conditioning workers, so that they can help install or maintain the systems.

Types of Electricians

The following are the 4 types of electricians you should know about:

Residential Electricians

The residential electrician job description would be to maintain and upgrade electrical equipment in apartments and houses. Residential electricians may also sometimes install outdoor landscape lighting.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians are required to work on construction sites, on mechanical electrical and in commercial buildings. The work performed by commercial electricians includes installation work, which can involve water heaters, commercial security systems and electronic key systems. They also help upgrade and troubleshoot problems in the electrical system.

Master Electricians

Master electricians are highly skilled and experienced electricians. These electricians mostly work in supervisory role or run their own contractor business.

Auto Electricians

Auto electricians specialise in the electrical wiring of vehicles. Auto electricians will find jobs in auto manufacturing unit and service centres. Their job description will require them to install new electrical parts or maintenance and repair of existing electrical parts in motor vehicles.

Work Environment

All types of electricians work indoors and outdoors in businesses, homes, factories and construction sites. Electrician jobs may also require them to travel to different worksites, commuting both short and long distance during the course of their work.

On the job location front, electricians might be required to work in cramped spaces, and standing and kneeling can be tiring. Those working in factories are subjected to noisy machinery, requiring them to take extra caution. At larger organisations, electricians will be part of a crew. If you are looking for electricians job vacancies, a simple search on the internet will help guide you about what this job is like.