5 Signs Of Bed Bugs You Shouldn’t Ignore

5 Signs Of Bed Bugs You Shouldn’t Ignore


For a good part of the last 60 years, Americans have gotten bed bugs under control. But in more recent years, we’ve seen more and more infestations, thanks to these pesky pests evolving to become resistant to DDT.

Because of this, you’ve got to be more vigilant when it comes to bed bugs. The sooner you notice them, the quicker (and more easily) you can get rid of them.

So how can you spot these pests? In this article, we discuss 5 signs of bed bugs that you shouldn’t ignore!

1. Bloodstains

Bed bugs will feed on your blood. So naturally, you might spot some bloodstains.

Look on your bedsheets and pajamas after sleeping to see if there are any. These can appear due to bites, but you might also get bloodstains from crushing bed bugs in your sleep.

2. Rust-Colored Stains

These might look similar to bloodstains, but they’re a little darker. If you have bed bugs, these stains will appear on your mattress and on the walls, as well as under your wallpapers.

What are the rust-colored stains from? Bed bug fecal matter. This means that if you spot the fecal matter, you already have a sizable bed bug infestation in your home.

3. Itchiness

While you lie in bed, you’ll be prone to bed bug bites, especially in places where your skin is exposed, such as your head, neck, and arms. Bed bug bites will cause itchiness, as well as red spots on your skin.

Some parasites can also cause itchiness though, so you’ll want to investigate further if you have this sign of bed bugs. Learn more here about the difference between parasites and pests.

4. Eggs and Shells

Bed bug eggs are small and white, and they’ll lay in clusters. They’re very tiny, so you might not be able to see them straight away.

Something that’s easier to notice is bed bug shells. Because they’re bugs, these pests will shed their shells as they grow. Mostly, you’ll find these shells around your bed.

5. A Musty Smell

If there’s a musty smell in your room, it could possibly be from mold and mildew. But if you’re certain your room’s free of these things, then it’s very likely you have bed bugs.

These bugs release pheromones, which in turn cause a musty smell. Many people say it can smell like wet and moldy clothes or even a wet dog.

If it’s just a faint smell, that’s one of the early signs of bed bugs. But if the smell is very strong and noticeable, you’ll have a bigger pest infestation on your hands.

Few More Signs To Pay Attention Or You Should Not Neglect At All

Some of the more signs are for you all to pay attention to as well.

Transparent Looking Insects

If bed bugs are living in your rooms or house then it will create an odd smell throughout the full house or rooms as well. You can see the transparent-looking insects in your rooms and house as well.  The very moment you will notice the transparent-looking insects in your house you should not neglect it.  To keep your family members safe from the Bedbugs you need to spray the liquid which will immediately kill the bed bugs And all the members of your family will be saved from the Bites of these bed bugs.

 Asthma Attacks

Those who are suffering from asthma attacks or Asthma health issues should be very careful whenever they see any bed bugs in their rooms or house. It is not at all a wise idea to keep in touch with the bed bug insects because if they are around you it can create major health issues for all those asthma patients.  Therefore try to make a distance or spray killing liquids to drive away from the bedbugs from the house or rooms.

Bug Bites Are Different

Naturally, the Bites of the bedbugs are different from any other insects. It will immediately create red types of rashes on your skin and you will feel lots of itching as well.  Even this teaching can beat you to skin-related problems as well.  Therefore do not neglect the bedbugs’ bites and consult a doctor immediately as soon as possible.

Dark Spots On Electrical Outlets

Even the bed box leaves dark spots on electrical outlets like electrical equipment in your rooms for the house as well.  The very moment you see the outlets of the bedbugs on the Electrical equipment you should not waste your time and spread the Killing liquid in the wool room or the whole house as well.

Pungent Odour

Whenever bed bugs live in a house it creates different types of order that bring a feeling for the whole family members, especially to the kids as well.  If you see a pungent odor then you should not wait to spread the Killing liquid throughout the whole room.  It will drive them all away from the room or kill them as well.

Watch Out for These Signs of Bed Bugs

If you notice any of the above signs of bed bugs, don’t hesitate. You’ll want to call a pest control professional so they can come to take a look.

Once they’ve determined that you have a problem, they can then take the proper steps to eradicate bed bugs from your home. And even if it’s a false alarm, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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