5 Key Accessories For Outdoor Enthusiasts


Do you love spending time outdoors whenever possible? Perhaps you spend the majority of your free time climbing mountains, target shooting at the local rod and gun club, or snowboarding. Chances are you probably have go-to gear that helps keep you comfortable and safe on your many trips outside. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your older outdoor tools or interested in purchasing something entirely new, there are always an array of new items available online and at your local outdoor recreation store. Here are five key accessories for outdoor enthusiasts.

New Wool Socks

Nothing spoils a winter hiking trip like frostbitten feet. If your wool socks have seen better days, consider upgrading to something new. Brands like SmartWool offer comfortable, warm socks that won’t feel itchy while you’re hiking or climbing. Consider upgrading your socks to maximize your comfort on your next outdoor outing.

Water Container

Different outdoor enthusiasts have different preferences when it comes to water containers. Some prefer to carry an unbreakable Nalgene bottle, while others may enjoy the convenience of wearing a Camelback backpack. No matter what your preference is, one thing is for sure. You can never have enough water containers, especially if you spend time outside frequently.


Do you love retreating to the woods to reconnect with nature? If you camp often, a steripen is a handy tool to have in case you don’t have immediate access to a clean water source. These small pen-like devices use UV light to purify water quickly and easily, so you never have to worry about running out of clean water on your camping trips. They can also be used in your home if there’s ever an issue with your water supply due to a natural disaster or water main break.

Gun Upgrades

Do you love hunting or spending time at your local shooting range? If you’re interested in firearms, there are a number of upgrades you can make to help improve your shooting accuracy and reduce kickback. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new magazine, upgrading your stock, or swapping out your front sight for better accuracy, there are a several accessories available that can help improve your shooting experience.

First Aid Items

Every outdoor enthusiast needs a well-stocked first aid kit, yet many don’t bother to purchase one. Whether you enjoy hiking, climbing, biking, or hunting, safety should always be a priority. A first aid kit can give you peace of mind when you venture out into the woods. A few items that should be included in every first aid kit are bandages, butterfly closures, gauze, adhesive tape, iodine, and antihistamines. If you are spending time outside regularly, it’s important to be safe and prepared.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that’s interested in upgrading your accessories and gear? Consider purchasing some new wool socks, a Nalgene bottle or Camelback, a Steripen, some new gun accessories, or first aid items. These items will help you feel more comfortable and prepared as you head out into the great outdoors to explore!