Why Menu Covers Can Drastically Improve Your Image


It’s one of the most underrated aspects of restaurant presentation, but a menu cover can make a huge difference in improving the outlook of your menu. A menu cover is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a small often decorated binder that covers the outside of the menu, and it creates professional, classy exterior for your menu. A menu cover can make a huge difference in your menu’s presentation because it does the same thing for your cover that a blazer or suit jacket can do for a person. It simply makes things look a lot more professional, and in the eyes of customers, dining out is often a lifestyle choice.

Customers want to feel as if they’re partaking in an exclusive dining experience, and that’s precisely why you want to make sure your menu cover gives them that feel when they’re going out for dinner. The menu is one of the main things the customers will be interacting with throughout their dining experience, so it’s definitely something you want to improve upon. Here are just a few ways improving your menu with a cover can immediately improve your restaurant’s presentation.

Keep It Classy

When it comes to your menu, you always want to make it as classy as possible. A menu that lacks class is a menu people don’t want to hold and examine. While a reputation for great food can often make people overlook poor presentation, more often than not, a great presentation will do more good for you rather than settling with a poorly-made menu. With a menu cover or insert for the menu, you can easily make your menu go from looking average to incredibly appealing. When your customers settle into the supple leather seating and are handed a thick, leather bound menu, it immediately sets the tone and the customer realizes they’re about to embark on a special dining experience.

Easier to Understand

While dining out is an experience, ultimately, customers are paying to enjoy the food. The easiest way to ensure they’re enjoying their dining experience is by guaranteeing the menu is free of any errors and is easy to understand. By consulting a graphic designer, you can easily improve the aesthetics of your menu, and when you combine and improved design with a great looking cover, there’s no question you can immediately see a dramatic difference in the presentation of your menu and restaurant as a whole.

By improving the overall aesthetic of the menu, you can make it a lot easier for customers to read. Rather than using cursive or overly showy fonts, you can opt for a cleaner, modernised font that is a lot easier on the eyes. This is an underrated aspect of the menu making process, but making it easy to understand is a big part of the presentation.

The United Kingdom has a plentiful amount of presentation product companies, so there is no shortage of supplies in the current market. If you’re interested in purchasing menu covers in the UK or improving other aspects of your presentation, consider consulting with a firm that can advise exactly what strategies you can undertake to improve your particular situation.