When In Bangalore: Must Go Pub Hopping!


After a day of hard work, slogging in college or at work, one hardly gets the time to unwind and indulge in the things we relish.  In such a scenario, it becomes extremely important that we assign atleast one day in the week where we could let our self relax and spend some time drinking and enjoying our friends and loved ones so that we can prepare ourselves better for another week of hard work.  You could choose from going to a movie, going to a park or even pubbing. Unlike the popular notion pubbing is not something, which has been recently developed by the young generation. In fact, long back somewhere in the 20th century, the culture of going to the pub was introduced.  This allowed individuals to go and enjoy a drink with friends.  Where you could go for a drink was largely determined by your social status. The rich and wealthy could go to place, which was enclosed by four walls, well-decorated, served quality drinks, reflecting it to be a refined property.  The working or lower class did not have a privilege to such a venue. They would more often go to public houses that would serve cheaperbeer. These public houses gradually came to be known as pubs.

Today, the culture of pubs is not uncommon in any city in the world. In India itself all the major cities are flooded with pubs, which are sprinkled through these cities. Bangalore is home to Multinational companies and is known to be hub of Information technology of the country. Apart from this, many tourists flock the city fora holiday through the year.

If you are heading to Bangalore and want to spend an evening sharing a drink with friends or just hang out with them, you can opt for one of the various pubs the city has. Every pub of this city has a uniqueness of its own. The best way to find the top pubs in Bangalore is to look for them on the Internet. On the net you would find a list of the best pub of the city and if you spend some time doing search you can gather useful information about your shortlisted pubs. You can get to know about the price for drinks, any on-going offers they have, location, taste of food, rating, and so on. A number of pubs offer huge discount on “happy hours” making it easy for students and the younger generation to enjoy a drink without spending too much.  However, while you check on the other things do not forget to read through the reviews about the pub as this will enable you to ascertain what their customers have to say about the pub’s ambience and services.

However, it is mandatory to have a legal permit if you want to operate a pub in the city of Bangalore. Even for the visitors to the pub there is a certain minimum age limit restriction laid down by the law of the state.