What Is To Be Considered When Purchasing Red Coral Stone?


Red coral also called moonga stone is regarded to be a wonderful and beautiful gem that is found in several shades of red having tinge of orange. Sindoori or coral color has almost become quite popular among people across the globe these days. It is used for designing bridal outfits as well as other dresses exclusively for women. Basically, it is regarded to be mineral magnesium and calcium carbonate which it is created of and hence the color. Red coral or moonga stone is found within deep seabed, they are gelatinous marine animals’ skeleton known as polyps. It has been believed according to Hindu mythology that this gemstone has been associated with Mangal or planet Mars.


Wearing original moonga stone is regarded to be auspicious according to Hindu tradition. In case, a person is afflicted with mars in the birth chart, then a good and experienced astrologer is likely to advise him to wear the gem for getting rid of all problems, which is mainly because of the planet’s positioning. There are also numerous ill effects and negative aspects of having Mangal present in birth chart. It has the potentiality to hamper the individual’s health, position and status in the society, etc. Therefore, for nullifying all effects related to Mars that is also called God of Wars, there is a need to wear red coral gemstone.


The red coral stone does come with various benefits. In ancient times, it has been believed that children who were bitten by scorpion or snake can benefit from it. Moreover, people in professions like police, military, electricity, and factory are suggested to wear this stone for gaining maximum from it. Wearing the gem also provides several good characteristics like perseverance, courage, ability to solve and face challenges and problems, etc.

Making the Purchase

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