Vedic Astrology and Panna Stone


Emeralds or Panna are regarded to be among most beautiful and expensive of all gemstones available on the Earth crust. They are green in color and highly attractive while belonging to the category of four precious gemstones found on Earth and also known for mesmeric charm. Similar to that of the green color reflecting serenity, nature and peace, the Emeralds tend to reflect same beauty with green hue.

Quality and Grade

Popularly known as Panna Stone, this precious gemstone has been termed to be a green shaded type of mineral Beryl deriving green lustre from presence of Chromium as well as Vanadium at times. It is also known by the name ‘Marakata’ in Sanskrit and ‘Smardagus’, which means green gem in Latin. Emerald is said to score between 7.5 and 8.0 out of 10 on Moh’s hardness scale. While it has this type of score in hardness scale, still the gemstone has been termed to be very poor because of its inclusions. This gemstone is mined in countries like India, Russia, Zambia, Italy, U.S.A., Zimbabwe, Spain, Somalia, Madagascar and Pakistan.

Astrology Related Aspects

  • It is ruled by planet Mercury that bestows it with numerous transcendental properties.
  • Wearing one is quite beneficial for entrepreneurs since the gemstone has power to provide success quickly. It has the unique property towards attracting money for the wearer, thereby enhancing his income.
  • In wedlock, the magnificent gemstone tends to increase understanding and satisfaction level between couple, hence providing them with happiness and marital bliss.
  • Planet Mercury represents wisdom and knowledge and this power is known to be vested in Emerald gemstone. The power does assist wearers to memorize, study and recall studied materials, focus and excel in academics.
  • Even people who are into singing, studies and music can find it extremely beneficial.
  • Pregnant women, when wearing it can enjoy reduced labor pain as well as complexities related to child birth.

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