What Are The Highest Paying Engineering Jobs?


Engineers do get paid well. If it was not for their good salaries not so many of us would be so crazy about becoming one. However, not every trade of engineering gets paid same. This post talks about five engineering jobs that get paid the best amongst all.

A number of high paying jobs are found in the field of engineering throughout the world. In fact, it can be said that engineering is one among the most lucrative and highly chosen career options all over the world. With a decent salary package and with lots of career opportunities, it is no surprise that it still attracts so many students as a career option after school.

Few of the highest paying jobs in engineering are as follows:

Aerospace Engineer

When we talk about the highest paying jobs in engineering then aerospace engineer comes in the list of top five. It basically involves developing and testing spaceships, aircraft and missiles, designing aerospace, etc. A senior aerospace engineer possess years of experience and generally supervise other junior engineers. An average annual salary of $119,292 makes this profile one among the most attractive ones.

For this, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace or any specialized engineering degree along with eight or more years of experience.

Engineering Manager

It is believed that engineers are good managers and therefore many companies these days have opened a new profile of Engineering Manager. The task of these managers is to understand and manage various projects and processes including creating design, approving, managing the team and the budget involved, evaluating results and lots more. It basically includes handling the entire project along with the team. The compensation for this profile is too high at present and on an average the manager gets $115,036 annual salary.

No special degree is required for this profile. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering in any discipline along with a minimum of five years of experience which may vary from company to company in your resume will be enough for recruiters you to consider for an engineering manager job

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are again one among the top engineers who are well paid. They are definitely not the alchemist but at times appear to work magic. With their knowledge and skills, they figure out how to make better product at the minimum cost and using all from oxidation reactions to nanotechnology. The average annual salary of a chemical engineer is around $74,480 which is pretty attractive.

Around three to four years of experience in this field along with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering are the basic requirement for this position.

The work of a chemical engineer involves designing and developing processes to make products ranging from small pins to large spaceships, or from nano-particles to strong nano-carbons. They seem to work magic with their knowledge of transforming a particular substance to another just by changing its chemical, biochemical and physical properties.

Chemical engineers can be found working a variety of industries like oil and gas, food and beverages, plastics, energy and pharmaceuticals.

Nuclear Engineer

A nuclear engineer needs to have tremendous potential to excel in this field. They need to take care of each and everything in a nuclear plant including construction, maintenance, up-gradation, etc. They mainly design, test and observe the operations so that plants are decommissioned properly and their spent fuel transported and accumulated for years.

An experienced nuclearengineer gets around $64,605 compensation yearly. A bachelor degree in engineering is a must for this position. There are few senior positions which require licensing and advanced degree too.

Other profiles like electrical engineering, computer engineering, etc.are equally popular in the industry and are well paid too. If you are also looking up for a career in engineering after higher secondary then you must go ahead as it will certainly give a bright career.

Energy Engineer

Another high paying job is that of an energy engineer who tries to find ways to reduce energy use or costs. Energy Engineers are involved in different stages of these projects including designing, building, evaluating or re-modelling energy systems or energy procurement methods. As an energy engineer you will be involved with the production of energy through different resources that includes thermal, hydro, nuclear and other renewable, non-renewable sources of energy. There efforts are directed towards finding efficient, clean and renewable sources of energy that can be used innovatively to create electricity.

There work and research is instrumental in improving the existing processes and creating new ways of generating energy that is less taxing on the nature and is cost efficient as well. A typical energy engineer pursues mechanical engineering as college major and can hope to get a job of salary touching $76,000 per annum.

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