Chennai – Exploring Beaches, Temples, Parks, and Other Attractions Of The Cosmopolitan


Chennai is a big city and it has several attractions and places to visit for tourists. You can spend the entire week exploring the place or just stay in for a couple of days and take a quick tour. Read on to know more.

Long back Chennai was a fishing village and the life and times around here were quite different than what they are today. Now the place is a vast cosmopolitan and the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. The city has come a long way in terms of progress and yet the inherent cultures and traditions of the past times are still alive in the ways and customs of people. Chennai represents both the old and the modern. It is a city to admire and appreciate for many reasons and the more you explore the place the better you would know about it. Located on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is often called the Detroit of India as it has a huge automobile industry. It is the largest commercial city of South India and a vibrant educational zone as well. The popularity of the place has figured in the list of best places published by the New York Times. Lonely Planet once named it among the top cosmopolitan cities of the world.

Chennai - Exploring Beaches, Temples, Parks, and Other Attractions Of The Cosmopolitan

There are many places to visit in Chennai. Some of which are:

  1. Beaches – there are many beaches that you can visit in Chennai. Marina Beach is the most famous one where you would find people taking evening strolls and playing cricket, vendors selling snacks, kids playing kite-flying, etc. The beach seems like a fair of people as it is the favorite site for recreation under the view of the sea for the local residents. Another happening beach is the Elliott Beach. It is south of the Marina Beach and cleanest one to relax at.
  1. Guindy Snake Park – You can indulge in some adventure at this place as this park offers a nice glimpse into the world of snakes. Guindy National Park is located in Adyar which the outskirts of Chennai. The park does not only have snakes but other reptilians as well. You can see turtles, lizards and crocodiles as well. King Cobra and Rock Python are quite fascinating to watch. Romulus Whitaker founded the park in 1972.
  1. Arignar Anna Zoological Park – For more wildlife adventure and excitement, you can head toward the zoo. It is also called Vandalur zoo. You can see deer, sambar, nilgai, langur, llama, tiger, jaguar, and many wild animals.

 Chennai - Exploring Beaches, Temples, Parks, and Other Attractions Of The Cosmopolitan

  1. Ashtalakshmi Temple – It is a famous temple and it is situated near the Elliot’s beach. It was built in 1976 and it is dedicated to eight different forms of Goddess Lakshmi. The architecture of the temple is a nice mix of Dravidian and contemporary styles. Navratri, Diwali and Pongal are celebrated here with much fanfare.
  1. MGM Dizzee World – This is the amusement park. It is a fun place for spending a good time with kids and family. There are many rides, slides and fun attractions at this place for good entertainment.

It is best to fly all the way to Chennai than to take the train. If you plan your holiday in advance, you can book your flight early and avail cheap air tickets.

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