Luxurious Bellewoods EC property In Singapore


Bellewoods EC is one of the hottest pieces of property in the Singapore Real Estate right now, and it has everyone talking about it in the region. Located in the quiet and friendly suburbs of Woodlands Ave 5. it offers luxurious lifestyle coupled with a serene environment. What sets Bellewoods EC apart from all the other places is the atmosphere that it offers. The developers have made sure that each family that lives in the condominiums is guaranteed the most essential thing, peace.

The place is leased on a 99 year deal, which makes it a sure place to invest in, and it is expected to be completed in 2017. When completed, it will be a high riser standing at 11/12 storey tall, making the whole scene exquisite to look at. One of the main reason that makes Bellewoods EC a brilliant place is that the MRT Station is in close proximity and the residents can easily commute to and from whole of Singapore without having to think about the arduous journey that may await them, all they need to do is get out, get to the MRT Station a few bus-stops away, and go wherever they desire. This feature is essential for the families as they can commute easily. But if they decide not to go far from their homes to eat or to relax, then there are the Vista Point and the Causeway Point which are minutes away from Bellewoods EC and can act as the perfect place to get away for a sunny weekend day with the family.

A whole range of houses are available on site once it completes the construction. From 2-Bedroom to 5-Bedroom, Bellewoods EC has them all. And to top it off, it features special houses with CoSpace, a feature which makes use of the space very effectively and utilizes every inch of the house to perfection. What more can a person want for his family. The material used in the construction is top notch, every item is luxurious yet comfortable and every ceiling and wall is a treat to look at. Having a home at Bellewoods EC can surely give a man what he deems worthy of his stature.

Woodlands will be the next big thing in Singapore. The place will be hustling with residents and people from all around Singapore once the project completes, and not just by the people that live there, but by commuter coming o the place to work. The MRT Station has guaranteed one thing which is; the people from all over the region favor this place, and are sure to call this place their home. Woodlands is important to the whole region as it will ease the congestion and reduce the pressure from the main city areas, all the while making the lives of its residents and the people of the city easier. Living in the city can be tiresome as there is a great hustle and bustle there, but living in Bellewoods EC will mean peace and security, luxury and comfort and a change of scenery, not the big buildings and the sound of cars’ horns, but one of serenity and calmness, a view that will be cherished by everyone living in the condominiums.

Another great feature of Bellewoods EC is the waterfront and the pools that are available to the residents of the condominiums. The pools offer the residents a way to relax and throw away their tensions and tiredness from work or anything else, one can just dive into them and know that he is truly in heaven, and indeed, Bellewoods EC is like heaven on earth.