What An Industrial Electrician Can Do For You

What An Industrial Electrician Can Do For You


When an electrical emergency happens at home, it can be a great inconvenience, but when it happens in an industrial setting, it can be a real disaster. For many industries, like retail businesses, hospitality businesses, and gas stations, it may mean they have to shut the door and turn away unhappy customers who then are forced to go to the competition. For other industries like bakeries and manufacturers, it means that the company has employees standing around that cannot work. Production, in such an event, completely stops. It can be even scarier when electrical problems happen within the medical community. Regardless of the circumstances, when you experience electrical problems, you need an experienced electrician fast. While your first indication may be to panic, an industrial electrician can usually fix the problem quickly.

Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

While an electrical emergency can happen at any time, a great way to prevent many of those problems from occurring is by having an industrial electrician in Brisbane perform routine maintenance on a routine basis. Government regulations even require that an electrician examines some equipment, such as residual-current device (RCD) testing annually. It is also a great idea to have visual safety checks done at least annually, and you should have an electrician do a complete testing of emergency and exit lighting. Legal requirements are constantly changing, and a qualified professional can ensure that you stay in compliance.

What to Do When You Design New Systems

Industrial electricians can be your best friend when it comes time to upgrade your current facility. Using proper lighting throughout your property including emergency and exit lighting, flood lighting, car park lighting, and outdoor lighting helps everyone stay safe. It also cuts down on security risks. It is not only important that these lights be installed, but that they also are protected.

It is important that you contact an electrician when you install new equipment in your facility. Often, the equipment needs to be protected from Brisbane’s fierce storms to protect your investment. Safety switches may need to be installed to ensure compliance with various codes. Additionally, installing new equipment may require upgrading current wiring in your facility regardless of rather it is above ground or underground.

How Do You Choose an Electrician?

Many people have electrician licences, but you realise that you need a true professional. One way that you can determine the professional that will best meet your needs is to look at the licences that the person has obtained. If you are having trouble with refrigeration, then make sure the professional holds a refrigerant licence along with an electrical licence. Furthermore, if the professional will be working with electrical cables, make sure they have a master cabler’s licence. If a switchboard is involved, then make sure the electrician has a current live switchboard rescue licence. An electrician must renew this licence every six months. In addition to the electrical licences that the person holds, arguably it is even more important that the person has a security licence ensuring the safety of your data, your employees, and your customers.