How To Maximize Your Business Value Through Proactive Outbound Telemarketing Services?


Outbound interactions have been considered asone of the most critical parts of trade and service-associated customer communicationprocesses through the decades. Originally, the term outbound signifies telemarketing, which was anextremelydisorganized, exhaustive technique of reaching out to potential customers all togethermaking use automated dialers to do as many calls as possible in the shortest time interval. However, with time certainly things changed to a great extent.

At present,outbound telemarketingserviceisindeed more customer-friendly. Technology and business practices have evolved to the point wherein smart businesses are devising programs that aremuch more appropriate and meaningful to customers. A cutting-edge outbound marketingprogram is known by its proactivity. It helps in conveying desired message to the target audience in more exceptional manner. This technique helps in building more cooperativedialoguebetween service provider and their customer.

Through this post, we shall gain better insight into how proactive outbound telemarketing services can help organisations in maximizing their business value.

Before divulge into benefits of telemarketing services, let’s first try to understand what proactive outbound telemarketing services is.

Proactive outbound telemarketing servicesis a blend of numerouspracticesundertaken by businesses to get in touch with the target audience, like automated voice messages,outbound calls, text alerts sent on mobile phones, and emails. What makes today’s proactive outbound different from archaictelemarketing services is that the messagesand calls are highly significant to the customer, and there is the potential for reinforcing the connection. A customer can be provided with the chance to reply directly to an alert, throughsending an SMS or leaving a voice message on an interactive voice response (IVR).

Defining proactive outbound telemarketing services

Proactive outbound telemarketing servicesis the pioneering technique that helps businesses to directly reach out their customer so as tothem aware about core business, product and services. There are different types of promptsthat are used to create an opportunity through an outbound communication:

  • Something that the customer wants to know about any ongoing discount or deal through a notification or alert. It can be something the customer has formerlyenquired about (“Is any specified product still instock or not? Inform me when it is available”).
  • Communication is carried out in relation to a survey conducted, anapproval message, a tracingnumber, or a link leading to a web page for more information, given that the follow-up is meaningful to that customer.

In response, the prospective customer can select the time and place of a call back, or leave their message onan automated system without any hassle. However, the point is what makes proactive outbound telemarketing services different from other forms of marketing services. It’s quite a fundamental question that every business owner wants to know.

With the emergence of highly advanced interaction-routing technologies, call centre service providers are offering telemarketing services, wherein each and every technique is used to keep the customers well-informed. Be it is sending SMS or call agents calling customers, main intent is to make information readily available to the customers.

Here are some key pointerslisting the significance of outbound telemarketing servicescampaign for enhancing your business operations:

Getting qualified leads: To effectivelyincrease your profit streams, you need to fetch qualified leads. Telesales can serve as one of the concrete resources for generation of qualified leads. Leads received through any means, whether itswebsite, pamphlet, information requests or email marketingcampaigns, can be easily focused on and nurtured by a certified callrepresentatives. The probability of sales conversion upsurges by nurturing these leads from time to time and this can only be done with the professional assistance. By subcontractingoutbound telemarketing services, yourmarketingteam doesn’t need to waste their time in tedious task of calling each and every customer. They just have put more efforts on converting qualified leads into sales.

Clarifying doubts of the customers: Telemarketers help you in clarifying the doubts in minds of your customers. They try to build up required rapport with the prospect that they openly discuss any issues they are facing while using any product or service. It goes without saying that it is quite important to clarify your customer’s doubts beforehand as chances are it might impact your overall sales.

Reach out the real decision maker:It is not possible for in-house sales team reach out the decision maker. With outsourced, you don’t need to bother about anything as a team of professional work diligently and prepare a strategy to bypass the gatekeeper.

Helps in reinforcing bond with customers: Telemarketers working in third party call centresplay a significant role in strengthening bond with prospective customers by taking follow ups from time to time. This way they get valuable feedback of their customers, which further helps them in improving the overall quality of their product and service.