Web Design Trends For 2015

Web Design Trends For 2015


2015 has brought with it new trends and designs as far as web pages and word press is concerned. New sites with an entirely new design are surfacing and gaining popularity. The usual web page layout is now considered boring and even a bit tough to interact with, considering the fact that the new designs and templates are much more easier to play around with. These new designs help give a better face to your website and increase user activity. Even though these ideas have been in use and have been developed over the past 2 to 3 years now, they are now gaining immense popularity among businesses who have recently floated their pages or have updated their old ones.

Here are a few of these design ideas-

  1. Scroll style pages- These pages choose to display topics, related information and their links on a single page, and users may rather scroll down for surfing the page rather than following links to new pages and re routing to the home page again and again. This helps maintain and enhance user activity on your page. The advantages are that it is much more intuitive, dynamic and easy to use than the classic layouts, and cuts down load times as compared to its predecessor designs.
  2. Card Design- Though nothing new, card designs have been steadily growing in popularity if not applied everywhere. Card design helps portray your page and its contents in a much more organized manner. It is a great way to organize information in a modular manner without getting sloppy and a great way to view a lot of data in a fun and interactive way. Card designs also have the ability to host images and meta tags so that the user may get a better idea as to what the card wants to display.
  3. HD backgrounds– High Definition background images with overlapping text has become the new fad among web developers across the world. You may find many new sites implementing this idea on there home page or product specific pages. Background images help give your site a better visual appearance, as compared to the regular basic color backgrounds. These images may be relevant to your product or just visually appealing to support your content.
  4. Videos- Videos are a great way to interact with your users, as they may be one of the best and easy to understand pieces of content. You may choose to display your products or services using videos on your page or web site, making it easier to comprehend for the users. They can add even more color to your site and help make it more appealing.
  5. Typography– More and more emphasis is being laid on using different types of calligraphic texts on websites across the world. This is being done to keep up with the ever changing designs of wordpress and other social media layouts. These texts can be used to direct focus on certain areas which may be requiring more attention on user end.

Over the years these techniques are evolving and we can see more and more websites attuning themselves with them. 2015 is set to bring even further upgrades on visual appearance of a site.

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