Facts About Metal Roofing

Facts About Metal Roofing


When you are planning to buy a house you are looking for many things. Out of those the roofing or top can be a considerable point in taking the decision. One very important information I would like to share with you that if you are buying a house having a metallic roof you will be in position to save some money.

While buying a metallic roof confirm about the following facts:

Know The Material of The Roof : In general saying we say metallic roof as tin roof. But keep in mind that many kinds of materials are used for making roof. Before selecting a house to purchase confirm about the material of the roof because the life of the roof depends on the kind material used for roofing. These may be:

(i) Tin: The tin used for roofing may have a coating of lead and tin and it may  last for about 40 to 50 years.

(ii) Galvanized Steel: Made of alloy steel and having a coating of zinc is  relatively less expansive and may last  for about 60 years if care well.

(iii) Aluminum: This corrosion resistant material requiring least maintenance  may last for about 35 years.

Metallic Roof and Lightning Protection : You may be aware that metallic roof is more prone to lightning, hence confirm that the house you are looking for has adequate protection. If it is not so, you will be required to spend a few dollars to do so.

The Location of House and Life of Roof  : If your intended house is located in the seacoast areas, there will be chances of corrosion. In the industrial area the polluted would make the metallic roof less enduring.

Advantage of Metallic Roof : There occurs less damage due to hail and falling tree limbs, and does not burn so easily. So, less requirement of fire resistance.

Repairing Metallic Roofs : The metallic roof are made of panels. So, if a panel is damaged heavily then it may be changed. This does not happen in case of other type of roof. Further, metallic roof may be repaired with ease as the damages are leaking etc and it may be done by soldering and other easier methods.

Painting Metallic Roofs : The painting of metallic roof improves its appearance as well as life. Though it costs a little but necessary as well. The painting may be done with brush or sprayer. In some case, roller may be also used.


Buying a house may be once in life occasion and hence very important. You are required to consider every minute detail so that you are satisfied and think yourself the winner of the deal. That’s why, you need to know everything about a house and its roofing. The metallic roof though may look traditional and not so appealing but be sure that it has got its own importance and you will not feel yourself at lower footing when you buy a house containing metallic roof.

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