Vacations In The South Of Italy


When you are considering taking an unforgettable vacation, you are probably thinking of beautiful beaches, warm weather, and lots of smiling faces. There are many locations out there that would make any tourist leave their full-time job and spend the remainder of their lives travelling the world.

The south of Italy offers the type of ambience you are looking for. A little-known place called Pozzallo in Sicily, an island of Italy, would be ideal any tourist. An experience in will leave you feeling stress-free.

Sicily is the biggest of islands in Italy. It is considered as one of the gems of Southern Italy and has a rich culture and features rich tradition and history. Sicily has remarkable archaeological sites that will take you back to ages. Due to its location, Sicily experienced many battles including the Romans, Phoenicians, and Greek colonies. Remnants of this amazing history can still be seen to this day so visiting Pozzallo is a good opportunity to see this.

As for Pozallo, it is the only town in South east Italy that is surrounded by the sea and ranks as the second sunniest area in Italy. The beaches are wide with golden sands that will cushion your feet as you stroll on the beach. If you so desire, you can participate in daily excursions to Malta Island to break the monotony.

Vacations In The South Of Italy

Best features of Pozzallo:

1) Strategic location in the middle of Syracuse and Ragusa allowing you to access all the tourist attractions in South East Sicily in just a few minutes.
2) Magnificent view overlooking the Mediterranean sea. has beautiful beaches, historical sights, and wonderful restaurants that serve exemplary food. The attractions include the beach that has consistently been given the blue flag which is given to the cleanest and adequately equipped beaches. You will have access to bathing facilities, showers, kiosks, and many other services.

There is a walkway that will give you access to a magnificent view of the Cabrera tower. A vacation in the south of Italy will allow you to have a taste of typical Italian cuisine and gulp on the famous Italian wines.

Another attraction that will arouse your taste buds is the brilliant desserts. The early Arab settlers might have had something to do with this. The fruits are spiced up and the cake is loaded with almonds and candied fruit.


You will notice that if you want to enjoy time away from crowds, it would be a wise decision to look south of Italy. The Italians love heading south so you can expect to be surrounded by Italians enjoying vacation time.

A holiday in Italy will bring memories that will last a lifetime so the money you spend is well worth it. You will definitely be torn between choices when it comes to possible places for accommodation. The accommodation comes at affordable rates too, so, you can enjoy amazing holiday packages within your reach. There are innumerable companies that offer remarkable packages to Pozzallo, so there should no problem planning a fun packed holiday there.