Hagia Sophia Master Piece In Turkey


Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries for any traveller since the country has a variety of attraction sites to offer. One of the best places to see in Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia which dates back to the year 1739. The Hagia Sophia which is a masterwork of Roman engineering was originally built as an Eastern cathedral for Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, it was also used as a Roman Catholic cathedral for about 60 years and later it was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Empire before it was closed down back in the year 1931. Despite the fire damages, the riot damages and earthquakes that Hagia Sophia faced, it still stands out as an exhibit that is a must see for visitors in the capital of Turkey. In the site that the 102 feet in diameter dome stands, it was the world’s largest enclosed space for more than 1000 years and today, visitors are marveled by its beautiful interior that has a mosaic-covered ceiling. The interior of the dome can be viewed from the central nave that is accessed through the Imperial Gate.

Just on the inner narthex, there is a switchback ramp that leads visitors to the upstairs galleries. There are several reasons that the Hagia Sophia is in the list of Turkey best tourist attractions. The throne of the empress once came to the building and the area that the she once stood is marked by a large circle of green marble. The mosaics are everywhere. In the upstairs galleries, there is a mosaic portrait of the Emperor Alexandros that dates back to the 10th Century, a mosaic that depicts Christ Enthroned with Empress Zoe and Constantine IX Monomachos that dates back to the 11th century, a mosaic that depicts the Virgin Mary, Emperor John Comnenus II and Empress Eirene dates back to the 12th Century while a mosaic that depicts the Christ with the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist dates back to the 13th Century.

The repairs that the now museum have gone through, the marbles of different colors, the mihrab, the hunkar mahfili, the mimber as well as large medallions that date back to the 19th century and the large library  have added structure an extraordinary beauty. After it was closed back in the year 1931, it was re-opened in 1935 and ever since it has become one of the best tourist attractions in the European country. Following this link, http://www.travelvenu.com/  you get to learn more about the Aya Sofia. Heading to the library, visitors get to learn more as there are books and other historical objects that are placed at the engraved wooden shelves. A courtyard that dates back to the 6th century and was part of the Baptistery can be accessed through a bronze gate that dates back to the 2nd Century BC. A beautiful fountain is at the courtyard with an inscription saying that you should not only wash your face, but you should also wash your sins. The inscription is in Greek.