The 10 Best Uses For The Humble Cardboard Box


You might think that providing packaging is a cardboard box’s sole purpose, but think again. There is far more to the unassuming container than meets the eye; so next time you are considering filling up the recycling bin why not try one of these 10 ingenious ideas that reinvent the cardboard box?

Practical Projects

1. If you are taking on an outdoor task, used boxes can prove a wonderful addition to your toolbox. They are knee pads when you are gardening or even drip-catchers when varnishing the fence – in fact, they can be almost anything you need them to be.

2. It’s not just outside where cardboard can prove useful – flattened out boxes are ideal carpet protectors when painting and cut to size, sections of cardboard are a cheap and easy way to install a buffer between furniture and floor.

Furry Friends

3. Any cat owners will tell you that as much as they love their pet, cleaning out a litter tray is far from a pleasurable experience. So rather than the ignominy of having to disinfect a plastic container on a regular basis, using a disposable cardboard box is a quick alternative.

4. More and more of us are becoming pet owners, and as such the competitive accessories market is packed with luxury beds for all types of animals. But even the most discerning cat or dog would be more than happy with a cardboard box decked out with a few old pillows and a comfy blanket.

Child’s Play

5. For an imaginative young mind, a cardboard box carries with it a never-ending world of possibilities. From racing cars to spaceships, pirate chests to dolls-houses all it takes is some simple paint work to turn a straightforward box into a treasured memory.

6. Evidence suggests children today have outgrown traditional games, but is there anything better than building a living room fort? With cardboard boxes a fort can become an architectural triumph complete with turrets, tunnels and, perhaps most importantly, hours and hours of fun.

Keeping It Simple

7. Let’s not forget how useful a cardboard box can be when fulfilling its afore-mentioned primary purpose. And though not all will require such sophisticated machinery such as that available at, anyone who regularly sends parcels through work or perhaps enjoys a side line in selling items online knows the benefits of using and reusing cardboard boxes when shipping goods.

8. Clutter is an unfortunate offshoot of modern life, but using old cardboard boxes to aid organisation can bring order to otherwise chaotic surroundings.

Thinking Outside the Box

9. Perhaps so far you have considered the suggestions a little ordinary. But have you ever thought of turning a neglected cardboard box into a miniature theatre? Perfect for puppets or shadow shows, this is a great way to bring the family together through collaboration and creativity.

10. Next time you receive an invite to a fancy dress party, don’t be tempted to go for the usual safe options of witches, ghosts or cavemen. Take a cardboard box, cut holes for your head, arms and legs and you can be a truck, a robot or even some fluffy dice!