Top 5 Escape Room Games You Must Try Once

Top 5 Escape Room Games You Must Try Once


Escape games in London has brought in a massive gaming trend that has become very popular within a short time span. For those who are not aware of what this game is all about, allow us to give you the valuable insight. This is a real life game where participants are locked up in a room along with their team of friends. Now you have the task of setting yourself free using clues and hints within the set time with the help of proper teamwork from friends who are part of your gang.

This is the basic model and now the themes can be different like, it could be a murder mystery where you need to find the culprit, or a jewel heist or even horror movie scenarios. The themes vary but the general idea remains the same that you have to set things right that is asked from you within a fixed time span.

Are you excited about this game? Well, then it is important that you play the 5 most common and highly enjoyable escape games in London.

De Code Adventures

This is one game that teases your grey matter very much exciting the intelligent lot the most. This game is rated not just in terms of the difficult levels but also by the reasoning skills people use when solving the puzzles. There is also the scope to use the hints or request for them as the levels tend to get complex with each passing level.


This complex escape game skips the Saw style horror for some other themed games for a good 45 minutes. There are different versions available, one shows us the need to escape from an after school detention, then there is the other level which is the poker themed level. Pick the theme of your choice and play the game like you are a true winner.

Mystery Room

Mystery room games are known for their difficulty and are slightly above the escape room games in terms of complexity and difficulty. So playing this game will be an interesting challenge for those who have the habit of winning the escape room games on a regular basis. Be it the newbies or the old hands, playing this game gives you a new high in terms of gaming experience.

Escape Games

Escape games are touted to be the most popular gaming experience for people belonging to all age groups. This game is equally intense where the focus needs to be given on the settings of the game as well as the props. The themes of escape games available are prison escape, or escape after diamond theft, a ruin exploration or even the more popular haunted house themes. Players have the liberty to choose their theme.

Great Escape

This is also an extremely popular escape game type widely played in London. The themes available here are breaking out from a serial killers garage, the next most popular theme is the race against time to help diffuse a bomb with the help of your team members. So make sure you select your preferred theme and play the game with perfect teamwork.

So which popular escape game type are you planning to play with your gang of friends?