Five Netflix Series Which Will Make You Skip A Heartbeat!

5 Netflix Series Which Will Make You Skip A Heartbeat!


If thrilling shows are your cup of tea, then Netflix has a lot to offer you. There are some really amazing shows present on Netflix which have the ability to leave their viewers either in a state of shock or make their hearts skip a beat. But only a few of those shows are made with great sincerity and that is what sets them apart from the others which are available on the same platform. Let’s take a quick look at the five Netflix series which will surprise you to a great extent!

  1. The Last Kingdom – The show is set in the late 800s and is a socio-political drama at its core. There are many moments in the show which will make you think about what just happened! The shocking reveals and sudden twists have a major part to play in the success of The Last Kingdom. The Last Kingdom Season 5 is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it will most probably get released by the end of this year.When season one of Netflix’s South Korean zombie sageuk (historical drama), Kingdom, was released in January 2019, critics and audiences worldwide praised its sumptuous sets and costumes, engrossing story, artful cinematography, and over-the-top gore. It was the escapist fantasy of the best kind, with a Game of Thrones-esque combination of high political intrigue, supernatural threats, and insanely elaborate textiles.When season two was released in March, however, two days after the World Health Organization officially recognized the novel coronavirus as a pandemic, a drama about a mysterious disease spreading rapidly through an unsuspecting populace as government officials hid the terrible truth became slightly less escapist and slightly less fantastical
  2. Stranger Things – The premise of the show attracted a lot of viewers upon its release and to this date, the surprising thrills of the show have managed to leave a mark on the viewers’ minds. The show is a great example of modern-day classics and must be watched by all. here’s a message from the Stranger Things crew, currently shooting the popular series’ fourth season. It serves as both an announcement that yes, everyone’s favorite nostalgia-fueled sci-fi show is coming back to Netflix and also an announcement that, yes, that one guy you never really believed was dead ISN’T ACTUALLY DEAD. Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers only began filming the new season last month, so this is more a friendly check-in than a teaser, but one that confirms that everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Hopper, will be winging his way back to Hawkins, Indiana at some point or another. In this clip, however, the officer is currently waylaid in a Soviet labor camp after seemingly sacrificing himself to a big swirling portal at the end of last season.Of course, no one really believed the show had killed off one of its most popular characters. What’s more, a post-credits sequence in the Season Three finale, roughly six minutes after Hopper’s implied death, reveals the Russians have a prisoner named “The American” somewhere in their vaults, making it all but official right then and there.
  3. Dark – The number of praises showered on this German time travel thriller drama show was truly worth it because it really kept its viewers on the edge of the seat. The fans of the show went as far as writing major incidents from the show in the form of notes so that they can remember what had happened in a particular season. You could argue that the new Netflix series “Dark” is the German “Stranger Things.” You could also say, somewhat flippantly but not inaccurately, that it’s the show for people who thought “Stranger Things” was just a little too much fun.

    The 10-episode series, Netflix’s first German production, is a multi-generational science-fiction-and-horror tale set in a small town in the shadow of a mysterious installation, in this case, a nuclear power plant. It involves children who go missing in other dimensions, nighttime searches, underground passages, and an elaborate hand-drawn map. The surface similarities to Netflix’s American-made hit “Stranger Things” are strong.

    But the show’s European roots are even stronger. In place of the American show’s ceaseless adrenaline rush, “Dark” offers a hushed, brittle artiness that will be familiar to fans of the French ghost story “The Returned” or the British-French thriller “The Missing.”

  4. Black Mirror – The show starred many talented actors, Anthony Mackie who has recently taken up the mantle of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is famous for 8 Miles was also a part of this mind-boggling show. It is an anthological show which is certainly going to leave a great impression on you once you are done watching it.
  5. Grace and Frankie – It truly is an amazing feat for a comedy show to be a part of this list. The show stands out in its strong moments wherein the viewers can see the struggle of their favorite characters. Grace and Frankie season 7 will drop soon and let’s just hope that it will have more of such intense moments.

The shows mentioned above were a part of the top 10 Netflix series list at some point of time, which proves their caliber. Also, the quality of content that they have is truly exemplary and is certain to leave a mark on the mind of its viewers. It is suggested that you see the shows which are going to have their next season released as soon as possible because otherwise, it would become a bit problematic for you to understand the story of the ongoing season.