4 Easy Tricks To Prepare The Tobacco For Cigarette Tubes


Cigarette tubes are quite popular among a large number of smokers across the globe. The best part of tube cigarettes is that they come with tubes and filters and you can fill it with any blend/quality of tobacco you prefer. They exactly look like the pre-manufactured cigarettes, but are more advanced than the roll-ups.

The hardest part of smoking a tube cigarette is how to fill the tobacco in it. The beginners should know the actual way to judge the quantity of tobacco to put in the cigarette tubes. Tubing is an art and you have to be careful to delicately fill the tubes with the most superior quality of tobacco you prefer. If you try to put too much tobacco in, the cigarettes will be so tight that you will not be able to draw the puff properly.

On the other hand, if you put the tobacco in very lightly, it can just drop out or come back out while smoking. Furthermore, it may burn very hot and harsh when you try to take the puff. You can even use a tubing machine, but the fact is if you pack the tobacco tightly in the machine, the rod is likely to pull the tobacco back out of the tubes.

As a beginner tube smoker, you have probably spent so much time in reading all guidelines as to how to prepare and put the tobacco in. If the results are not great still, you can consider checking out these helpful tips:

Compress The Tobacco:

Take the exact proportion of tobacco that you want to put in the tubes. You need to compress the tobacco gently prior to putting them in the tubes. This will help the tobacco slide in the cigarette tubes very easily.

Breaking the Tobacco:

If the tobacco you choose has been tightly packed or get clumped just because you have sat on your back pocket, then you need to break up the tobacco well before filling the cigarette with it. In order to break the tobacco properly, you have to pull the strands gently to make sure that there are no clumps. Remember, if there are any clumps in the tobacco, it may restrict the draw on the cigarettes while you take a puff. If it is broken up well, the puffs will be more comfortable since the air can easily pass through it.

Distributing the Tobacco:

Even distribution of the tobacco is very important, especially when you place it in the tubing machine or cigarette tubes. You have to make sure that the tobacco is evenly distributed throughout the full length of cigarettes.

Drying the Tobacco:

As a first time tube smoker, you may face little trouble in handling the tubes. You can avoid any struggle during the tube smoking by letting your tobacco to dry out a bit. You can simply leave the tobacco packet open and let it dry out a little. This will let the tobacco slide in the tubes very easily. Drying out the tobacco makes sure that the puffs are little harsher than the toll-ups.

With the passage of time, you are likely to master the art of smoking cigarette tubes ; this is when you will find it easier to dumper tobacco, which will make the smoke cooler and more comfortable.