Top 3 Designer Dog Breeds


A human being has always been a very curious and inquisitive creature trying to get the most out of nature. In case the nature didn’t provide people with what they needed, they did their best to change it. There aren’t any single fields of nature that haven’t ever been influenced or altered be mankind. Almost everything – from rivers and woods to fossil fuels and sun and wind have been adapted to the human needs. It’s not surprising that dog and cat breeds are not an exception. There are many examples of cross breeds created by skilful breeders to get the most out of dogs and turn them into ideal pets for their owners, especially those who want something exclusive and outstanding. If you check some sites listing cats for adoption or dogs for adoption, you will definitely find there a lot of examples of such “designer” dogs or cats. Here we will take a loot at the most popular “designer” breeds of dogs in order to give you some info to choose from.


As you probably see from the name of this dog, it is a cross between the Maltese and such breed as Miniature Poodle. Maltipoos are referred to non-shedders, though they are hardly can be called hypoallergenic. These small creature are very active and can get easily adapted to various environment, except outdoor kennels, of course. These fun-loving dogs enjoy playing games, which is great for families with children. What’s more, they are very affectionate with children. You should remember that due to their agile lifestyle it is not recommended leaving these dogs alone for a long period of time because it will turn your apartment upside down. Maltipoos are also known to bark a lot and you must be ready to spend some time teaching it to do it in certain situations.


It’s also possible to guess what breeds were used to make this adorable “designer” dog – you are right – they are Poodle and Cocker spaniel. You will never feel lonely in the company of this cute doggy with a personality of an energizer. Sometimes you will need to put it in a separate room for a while to let off the steam. This breed makes a great therapy dog because it will always be by your side whenever you feel depressed or in despair being a shoulder to cry on. This fluffy creature is tolerant to everyone including elderly relatives and little kids. Even if your heart made of stone, you won’t help smiling looking at its cute muzzle. These dogs don’t require much and frequent grooming and are considered hypoallergenic, which is great for people suffering from this annoying disease.


The cross between Poodles and Labrador Retrievers is called Labradoodle. This hybrid is an ideal guide dog with lovely and tolerant temperament. It is distinguished by low shedding and is hypoallergenic. This breed is popular with families with children and elderly people. They are easy to train because these dogs are quite obedient and intelligent and will quickly learn the doggy’s etiquette. Although this pet is usually calm, it can be boisterous and exuberant at times, a feature of character inherited from Poodles, rather than Labradors.

If any of these hybrid breeds suit you, do not miss the chance to take one and call a shelter to ask about dog adoption opportunities.