Kitchen revival


There are plenty of ways to revive your old kitchen and give it a new glow; improvements can be made even if you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal. Far more important are your creativity and handyman skills. We have some tips on making your kitchen look fresh again.

The first thing people notice when they enter the kitchen are the colors. Most likely your kitchen features a wide array of brown, accompanied by the metal-silver of the faucet and the sink. Here’s an idea – try to make it as white as possible! You wonder why kitchen appliances are always white? White makes things seem clean, modern, and stylish in a way. Painting the kitchen cabinets white will surely spice up your old kitchen, but don’t overdo it; try to match the white with some wood. The work surfaces could and floors could be wooden, and the rest – white!

People often complain their kitchen is too small; it’s often the physical size of the room which is to blame for the kitchen’s inefficiency. Most kitchens are factory made, which means they sometimes just don’t fit the room. If money’s not the problem, you could start from scratch and get a custom made kitchen. It’s a perfect way to ensure your kitchen is functional and good looking.


But if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, you can pull out a couple of visual tricks to make it seem bigger. Shelves can be arranged in a way that creates an illusion of open space: install some simple, basic pieces onto your kitchen’s blackboard. Avoid putting anything that’s unnecessary: that means no decoration plates, large plants, pans you use rarely, silverware and china – they’ll just make the shelves overcrowded and make it harder for you to find whatever you need. Mounting a few wedges on the wall and a holder on the ceiling directly above the work surfaces is a good way to make the kitchen tidier. Make sure all the dishes and everything else has its proper place – there’s nothing worse than a messy kitchen.

If you don’t quite like the idea of a modern-like white kitchen, try going the other way – by including some old-fashioned, antique elements. Buying some retro chandeliers or an antique refrigerator might not cost much and will add some vintage charm to the space. Also, this style requires some decorations (but remember – more is often less when it comes to decoration) – get some nice vases, lively curtains, or even hand-carved window frames; these really make the kitchen look warmer.


A lot can be done with just a few, simple repairs. Your old, rugged cabinets can be revived by putting some cool door knobs or handles. You can even remove the cabinet doors and go with the open dish cabinets; this looks good, but it means that the content of the cabinets must always be neatly arranged, otherwise it just looks messy. Some hidden space is necessary, so we advise you don’t remove the doors of lower cabinets – these will be your storage space.

Of course, these are just guidelines; develop these ideas further on your own. Remember, all you really need to freshen up your kitchen is your imagination and some home improvement skills. Good luck – and don’t forget to have fun in the process!

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