For any successful wedding comes a wedding invitation. As a couple, you have relatives and friends who you would like to invite to your special occasion, and the proper way to do it is through invitations. Fortunately, there is wide variety of these invitations for you to choose from. For your convenience, the internet comprises various shops where you can always find new and exciting design. The amount of people getting married is fairly consistent so the market is always busy which mean a constantly improving product priced competitively.

  1. Antique Scrolls

This type of wedding invitation cards is one of the most suitable combos of feminine formality and grace, with the bouquet of yellow floral blending in aesthetically with some gray details. You will also like how the locale and names are printed with butter yellow colour that is similar to the flowers. They come in a considerable price for everyone. Antique rose scrolls also come in different colors, such as autumn orange, watermelon and purple.

  1. Custom Designs

This is another popular type of wedding invitation that has been evolving over the years. In most cases, couples like personalising their invitations cards. Whether you are buying wedding invitations online or from a local store, there are always several designs available to choose from which you can tweak. For instance, there are various websites like where you can find various wedding invitations designed using different techniques, such as paper cutting, mixed media collage and watercolour.

Another good thing about custom designs is that they are all printable. When you buy your wedding invitations online, they are usually delivered electronically. This is to allow you to either print them from a local print store or from your own computer system. This type of invitation cards gives couples the freedom of creativity because they are not limited to white-linen cardstock. You can print them on different textured paper like watercolor paper, green’ paper, or even on non-paper materials like wood or fabric if screen-printing method or a professional printer is used.

  1. Minimalism

Even wedding invitation cards that come with subtle designs can also make a great statement. For instance, you can find an invitation that features orchids and a warm, welcoming message on the bottom. Most invitations of this type are affordable and are made from 100 percent cotton rag-archival print-making paper. For custom orders, you can always find additional options from reputable online stores.

  1. Chandelier Iconography

The chandelier design is another wedding invitation with a modern take on its dramatic elegance, which is currently a hot motif because of its crisp type and graceful beading. This wedding invitation usually comes in a myriad of various colors, including espresso, moss, cobalt, stone, champagne, sage, turquoise, and several others. This gives you a wide variety of designs to choose from, especially if you are buying your invitations online. They are also affordable and made from 100 percent cotton rag-archival print-making papers.

  1. Dual Designs

Dual designs are made with cool shade, stunning visuals, and font style. Some of them like monogrammed grace invitation cards come with additional design on their back. They are relatively affordable and you can also find them in both local and online stores.

  1. Intricate Embellishments and Borders

This is another top trend of wedding invitations that is commonly used in weddings across the world. For example, the Versailles style of invitation card is one of the top choices for couples who are looking to have a glamorous tone and feeling for their wedding. These are perfectly designed with intricate embellishments and borders and with exquisitely detailed font as if it was made with a quill pen.

  1. Royal Redux

Under this type, you can find the Grand Palais if you are dreaming to have a royal wedding. This type of a wedding card consists of a barely-there ornate font and blush accents, which are more royally-inspired. One of the great features this wedding invitation trend comes with is the over-sized font style for the names of the groom and bride and that is how exactly all royals do it. They are available in different colors and sizes, giving you a wide selection to choose from.

  1. 18th Century Opulence

Antoinette is an example of this trend. This particular wedding invitation showcases dramatic feathers and baroque patterns. They are available in different colors to choose from, including papaya, coral, rose, lavender, grass, navy, chocolate, berry, champagne and many more. They are also available on custom paper options and relatively affordable.

  1. Polka Dots

Among the current wedding invitation trends, polka dots are always on the top of the list. They are among the hottest motifs currently preferred by majority of brides. For instance, Bellini design is one of the fantastic choices for a relatively less formal wedding ceremony, a post-destination wedding or a destination wedding reception. Buying wedding invitation online of this kind can be adorable for a perfect bridal shower invitation.

  1. Eco-Friendly Designs

Eco-friendly nuptials and weddings, especially inspired by organic motifs that are one of the most popular wedding invitations these days. For example, the Willowy Wood is a woodland wedding invitation that stands out for its great, unique and appealing impression of texture. These designs are also available in different styles and colors to provide couples with a huge selection. Another good thing about these eco-friendly designs is that they are environmentally friendly. They are easily found and affordable and can be bought from various online stores.

In a nutshell, sending out wedding invitations to your friends and guests is one of some traditions, which seem to stand up to these days. Even in this fast-paced digital world, most couples are still sending out printed invitation. But there are lots of benefits that come from buying wedding invitations online too.

In conclusion, with these great top ten wedding invitation trends, finding the one that meets your wedding needs is possible and quick. Remember that each of these trends comes with different kinds of wedding invitation styles and shapes. If you don’t have any idea to which one is best for you, hiring a wedding planner or coordinator is the best thing to do.