Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Boobs That You Never Believed Before

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Boobs That You Never Believed Before


Boobs are part of female body that is easily exposed. Most people stare at them for their own pleasure and it is known for their contribution during sex. From a discovery of research carried out, it is revealed those breasts are made up of up to twenty-five milk glands. These milk glands are united to milk ducts found in nipples by fatty and connective tissue. This fact shows that it is also possible for a woman to breastfeed even if she has implants. For sex reasons, breasts have thin muscle fibres found in their nipples which are responsible for making them erect. This process leads to arousal and several endings making them very sensitive to give you pleasure you want. There is also a direct relationship between nipples and genitals in women. When the nipples become erect, there are signals sent to your brain for that excitement and your genitals too get stimulated.

There are secrets and facts about boobs. Some of these secrets and facts are just bizarre while others are scientifically discovered to be true. They are as follows:

1. Massage

Frequent massaging of your breast will help you reduce chances of getting cancer. Research carried out indicated that massaging of your breasts would help in enhancing the growth of breast cells. This process also helps in cell reproduction of cells, which leads to healthy breasts.

2. Sagging of breast

Studies carried out indicated that bras do not contribute to firming of breasts. Bras are a significant element in making your neck to be in its normal position. It was also discovered that bras led to the right posture of your back. It prevents you from bending.

3. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a significant factor to consider in women. This is a healthy process that results in positive effects. It is responsible for lowering chances of cancer and heart disease. This will result in a long-term benefit to any woman who has breastfed. Breastfeeding is also an important element that will help a woman identify when her child cries. This will help her better look after her infant.

4. Sleeping style

There is a direct relationship between your sleeping style and the shape of your breast. Sleeping while facing down will change the shape of your breast at the long run. The best sleeping style that will keep your breast in good shape is when you sleep on your side.

5. Different types of nipples

Studies have discovered that there are eight different types of nipples across the world. There are those, which are flat, the normal shaped nipples, swollen nipples and those nipples that are inverted.

6. Breasts are fraternal twins

Breasts are not the same. They are asymmetrical; this reveals that one of your breasts is not as exact as the other one. One might be longer than the other. It might also be that the one of your breasts is heavier or larger than the other. The research found that most women have their right breast being larger than the left one.

7. Smoking will result in sagging breasts

Smoking has a permanent effect on your breast. It results in breaking down of elastin, which keeps your elastic while preventing it from tearing. When this protein is broken through smoking, your breasts are left sagging and loose.

8. Breasts are frequently dry

Breasts are part of human body, which has a thin skin over it. This will result in you having a dry skin on your breasts. You are advised to keep them moisturized for a healthy skin and to prevent them from sagging.

9. The size of your breasts is not constant

The size of your breasts is not constant always. They keep fluctuating depending on your situation. In case you add weight, your breasts also enlarge in size and if you lose weight they reduce in their sizes. When you become pregnant, your breasts enlarge. These factors lead to growth or shrinking of your breasts.

10. Breast milk

It has been discovered breast milk has a sweet taste. This is possible because breasts contain high amounts of lactose, which leads to the sweet taste. Regardless of the size, shape or weight breast milk will remain sweet flavored.


Breasts are that part of your body that has several functions. They are for breastfeeding your new born baby and they are used to identify when a baby cries keeping you on toes. They are also used for sexual purposes. It has been found that you can reach orgasm through nipples excitement. Make use those facts about boobs for an enjoyable life.