Technology Meets Business: How Gadgets Can Make Your Entrepreneurial Life Easier

Technology Meets Business: How Gadgets Can Make Your Entrepreneurial Life Easier


While there’s no denying that technology is advancing faster by day, a majority of start-up entrepreneurs are presently still stuck with the aged methods of doing business. This, of course, is in the process costing them a lot of money and unnecessary resources, especially time. Contrary to the common misconception, technology doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of the most ingenious gadgets featured here are not only readily available but affordable too.


It may sound like a cliche, but smartphones are arguably some of greatest, most intuitive inventions ever developed by man to this day. Couple that with the vast array of smartphone apps in Google’s Play store or iPhone’s iTunes and you have yourself a potentially useful entrepreneurial device. For instance, did you know that you could work out your board presentations using Windows phone’s Powerpoint app on your commute or just before going to bed? At the same time, you can track your finances, reply your emails, participate in e-conferences, edit your Word documents, etc. all in the comfort of your bed using your phone.


Not unless you own a gigantic 6″ smartphone, you’ll often find your phone’s small screen size very limiting if not at times just ineffective. Therefore, to enhance the fluidity of your operation, it’s advisable that you upgrade to a larger portable device such as a smart tablet. Now, such a tablet should be able to accord you all the benefits of your smartphone but with more real estate. Therefore, viewing emails should be easier, as well as editing those Office documents on the go.


The history of the smartwatch has been quite interesting. Although the idea was borrowed from the conventional analog watches, it’s the use of smartphones that inspired its functionality.As an entrepreneur, a smartwatch brings with it the flexibility of a smartphone but with the functionality of a traditional timepiece. If you’re always so busy to even periodically glance at your phone for missed calls, messages and mails from clients, then a smartwatch with phone watch feature will be a welcome relief. In short, such a watch can be connected to your primary device, ( a phone, tablet, computer, etc.) via NFC technology to sync and display messages and other important notifications on the go.

Portable Printer

Don’t you just dread queuing and waiting for your turn to print your notes, professionally written business papers, client’s feedback, financial reports, etc.? Even worse, sometimes your office printer could be broken or out of service forcing you to walk across the hall to use your colleague’s. Besides, for those of us who are always out on the field, a portable printer can be a handy tool when you need to get those files on softcopy paper without driving around unnecessarily looking for a copier and printing store.

Bluetooth Headset

One of the highlights of a growing business is incessant phone calls and a buzzing hive of activities. In times such as these unlocking and locking your phone or picking up handsets to reply to each and every call proves to be a gigantic task, more so when you’re driving or typing fast. This is where Bluetooth headsets come in. You can easily clip it on your ear and make/receive calls with a single touch.