Different Types Of Fireworks

Different Types Of Fireworks


Fireworks have become an integral part of important events and occasions these days. More and more people are using fireworks to make their special occasions all the more special. Fireworks with their beauty, color, sound, and light add a special charm to the celebrations and make the event more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. If you are someone who is interesting in putting up a fireworks display at an upcoming event, give below is the practically useful information about different kinds of fireworks.

Firecrackers-they are the earliest forms of fireworks. They were invented by the Chinese and were believed to drive away evil spirits. Firecrackers come in different sized packets, including small strings to huge celebration rolls. Firecrackers are packages in different sized cases that indicate the total number of crackers printed on the label.

Fountains-fountains sit on the ground and emit showers of colored sparks. They don’t shoot effect high in the air but provide wide displays of beautiful colors. Fountains complete the aerial displays and enhance the magic and mood of any special occasion.

Ground spinners-ground spinners spin at the ground level and shoot out colored sparks and flames. Ground boom flowers are the most common types of ground spinners. They spin furiously all over and emit colored flame that changes color several times. The device looks like a bright flower at it rotates. Circular spinners are also common. It comprises of a tube of composition that burns to make the device spin around in a circle.

Smoke bombs and smoke balls – smoke bombs and smoke balls are a lot of fun. They produce smoke in different colors, such as orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, and white. Thick clouds of smoke are produced for up to minutes.

Sky lanterns-also known as the Chinese lanterns, sky lanterns date back to thousands of years when they were used for sending signals to the army during wars. Sky lanterns are commonly associated with good luck and charm and are used in auspicious occasions like weddings.

Sparklers-sparklers are small hand-held devices that give off colored spark from the burning tip. These are the only fireworks that are meant to be held. Metal rod and morning glory are the two types of sparklers. Metal rod sparklers are mostly single colored. Morning glories have three burning phases-a red flame that lasts for aboud 20 seconds, green and white flame with a crackle/snapping sound.

Rockets and missiles-these devices blast into the sky and produce some kind of magical effect, like a crackle of stars. They are usually stabilized by a long stick and can be broken down into two sub-categories, bottle rockets and skyrockets. Bottle rockets are one foot long and skyrockets are greater in one foot in length. There are also huge sky rockets that are 3-5 feet long.

Buy smoke balls, sky lanterns, or other fireworks to enjoy your special occasion. Should you want you can make your own fireworks. Look for tutorials on how to make fireworks and make smoke bombs, smoke balls, and other fireworks on your own.