Start Your Career As A Paralegal

Start Your Career As A Paralegal


A paralegal is a person who has got knowledge about law and legal but is not allowed to offer service related to law directly to the public on its own and must perform task under any attorney or legal firm.

A paralegals work is to prepare case history, analyze the case, make queries and answers, draft procedural motions and perform draft research memo and perform research on the case. A paralegal is protected by the attorney, and the attorney is entirely responsible to give instructions to paralegal. The paralegals perform drafting and paperwork handling in case of divorce, bankruptcy and investigations. Customers get charged for the amount of work the paralegals spent on the case.

Steps towards a Paralegal Career in Nevada

There are few steps that are performed to start a career towards working as a paralegal that starts paralegal education in Nevada, build paralegal work experience, seek certification, and locate paralegal jobs, tasks of a paralegal.

Nevada Rule 5.3 states that all paralegals work in the country under the supervision of licensed attorney who takes responsibility for the professional conduct. Paralegals are trained and are provided experience to perform legal work for the lawyers. They are given knowledge that is enough to perform the tasks of paralegals.

Start Paralegal Education in Nevada

Paralegals in Nevada once they receive paralegal education through a formal program either in a program or online can work under any attorney. Others who experience on-the-job training, would receive nothing but get experience in work. You have a better chance of obtaining paralegal jobs in Nevada if you perform studies.

Build Upon Paralegal Work Experience in Nevada

You need to gain work experience either working as an external or internal while pursuing your education program.

Paralegal Certification in Nevada, if Desired

There are states in which the person with paralegal training is not enough to get paralegal certification in Nevada. There are some paralegal associations in Nevada as well as law firms who prefer to employ the individuals with national certifications. The most common national certifications includes:

  • PACE (Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam)Paralegal Core Competency Exam) also given by the NFPA
  • CLA/CP (Certified Legal Assistant/Certified Paralegal)

Locate Paralegal Jobs in Nevada

The law firms that are large and may be small are in need to continuously hire the paralegal and legal assistants to help in all areas. Examples of such law firms include family law, administrative law, elder law and criminal law. Popular law firms in Nevada includes:

  • Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, LLP – Las Vegas
  • Hawkins, Folsom and Muir – Reno
  • Family Law Centers – Henderson
  • Jimmerson Hansen P.C. – Las Vegas
  • Parsons, Behle & Latimer, P.C. – Henderson
  • Howard & Howard – Las Vegas
  • Bell & Young, Ltd. – North Las Vegas
  • Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard, Avchen & Shapiro, LLP – Reno
  • Ballard Spahr, LLP – Las Vegas

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