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How To Install The Electric Commercial Roller Shutters


Importance of the commercial roller shutters has increased in recent times as they play a very important role in protecting the assets of the organization.  Due to the advancement in technology, varieties of products are available with high quality sensors so that the owner becomes alert if an unauthorized intruder barges into the home or office. There are certain tips and tricks that need to be followed while installing the shutters at various places including the offices and the homes. It is vital to read each step carefully before proceeding ahead with the installation.

Tips for the Installation of the Electric Commercial Roller Shutters:

  • The user should mark the top horizontal position to which the shutter would be accommodated on the wall above the window in an impeccable manner.
  • The line must be highlighted so that it is vertically positioned on both sides of the window. It is vital to mark the outline of the shutters to ensure that the product fills in the available space without cutting corners.
  • Shutters can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position depending on the requirements and the specifications of the customers.
  • In addition, one should also measure the depth of the head box and evaluate the distance from the top of the horizontal position to the above mentioned point. It plays a very important role in providing the position for the guide that could exist on either side of the window.
  • The guide must be held in the top as well as the vertical position.  Users should make sure that the position of the guide is marked on the wall so that it could be fixed to the pre determined point without any hassles. Similar markings must be placed on the other side of the guide to carry out the fixing procedure accurately.
  • It is important to make sure that the hole is drilled on the front and the backward position of the guide however the size of the drill is determined by the dimension of the screw that has to be inserted for fixing the shutters.
  • According to experts, the drilling size must not exceed more than 10mm while carrying out the installation procedure.
  • Electric commercial roller shutters are equipped with head boxes incorporating drill holes that could be fixed into after the installation procedure. Since the guide legs are of accurate size they can be adjusted into the position without any hassles and difficulties.

What are the Major Benefits of Electric Roller Shutters?

There are some major benefits of electric commercial roller shutters. They are as follows:

  • They re quite secure and convenient to use, as they are not controlled manually, which creates an ease of operation.
  • They are generally budget-friendly so many small and medium-scale enterprises install these shutters in their offices.
  • When the normal working hours go on, these electric commercial roller shutters can be pulled up or down without making any hassles in the working procedure.
  • Warehouses and large-scale business units can be protected with the help of these shutters.
  • The user should contact a qualified electrician for further installation of the circuitry. Once the connection is completed, the motor powers up the axle and the shutter is ready for usage. This shows how easy the operation method is.
  • These shutters are easy to maintain and clean and they impart a sense of elegance and professional look to industrial units.

Two Important Points that should be Kept in Mind:

  • One should always position the roller shutter beside the window and connect the cable from the motor to get requisite power.
  • The shutter should be raised to the height so that it automatically fits into the outline.  If the fitting is of top quality, the shutter will not be thrown off balance and it would last for a very long time.

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