Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s Answer To iPhone 6 Plus: The Galaxy Note 4


Just three years ago, the idea that a smartphone nearly six inches would generate more than laughter seemed impossible. Samsung launched the Galaxy Note in 2011 a category that, at the time, seemed comical. Who would want such gigantic phones? It turned out that millions of users. You know: who laughs last, three years later, Samsung not only has forced Apple to surrender to the iPhone 6 Plus, it now presents the fourth generation of the series that started it all: the Galaxy Note 4.

Is the new Galaxy Note 4, the fourth generation of phablet with Samsung begins to say goodbye once and for all plastic. In the wake of design marked by Galaxy Alpha, and Note 4 uses the metal body, not that brilliant imitation of aluminum Galaxy Note 3 or S5. It has a glorious Super AMOLED screen of 5.7 inches qHD resolution (2560 x 1440). And yes, a stylus house of the brand that is far more useful than one might think. Add to all this the reader heartbeat on the back, as in the Galaxy S5, and the result is the best equipment manufactured by Samsung so far.

If you tried the previous models of the Galaxy Note, including Note 3 last year, you will agree with this: Note 4 is the first that really is stylish, premium. Now, Samsung has finally come up with a line of quality design able to compete at the level of Apple, HTC or Sony.

The body of Note 4 is metallic and beveled edges in a way that reminds the iPhone 5s. And this is curious: now that the iPhone 6 Plus, the HTC One M8, the Sony Xperia Z3 or have changed the straight and sharp by rounded edges and smooth lines to the touch, Samsung bet just the opposite line. Doubt jump Samsung has caught off guard, or has been a considered decision. It does not matter too much. Despite the ubiquitous plastic back cover (slavery replaceable batteries), the Note 4 is the best smartphone designed by Samsung. Not only in category phablet also as mobile competitor smaller (5 to 5.7 inches). Just ask the Galaxy S5, the beauty of Note 4 is that, despite being a huge phone, Samsung has managed to design more compact form rather than, say, the iPhone 6 Plus. With a smaller screen, 5.5 inch mobile Apple actually ends up being larger than the Note 4 dimensions.

The Note 4 differs also from the rest of phablets and smartphones that come with the stylus, which Samsung has taken advantage and turn it into something useful. The new stylish stylus of Note 4 is a surprising success: Ideal for recording images and documents, draw, send handwritten documents or handle some small text messages. And next level of such stylus might be launched with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.