Top 7 Services Of Company Management Beneficial For Your Enterprise


Companies today have aspirations to improve their profits and expand their work across geographies. This is why they set up subsidiaries across countries. At the same time this means that the funding sources are also located across countries and can be very varied. This also means that the taxation laws that are to be followed are very varied and can be very confusing for any specific law or accounting firm. This is where specific company management trusts come into the picture. These trust funds have expertise in various kinds of company management needs. This article talks of some of the services that are provided by these trust funds and how are they beneficial for the enterprise.

  1. Company Registration

Company registration can be a very complex task especially when the registration is across geographies and has to be structures in such a way that it allows for the creation of subsidiaries and also in creating a tax friendly company culture. Therefore the company registration has to take care of all these points.

  1. Accounting and Taxation

There are various taxation and accounting services that are needed in such cases. This is primarily because there are various taxation laws that differ across geographies and the same is true for the accounting of profits and dividends. Therefore a good trust fund company is needed which can take care of all these complexities.

  1. Fund Raising

Fund raising for various sectors and for various geographies is very important and is also very complex. This is because various kinds of taxation and accounting needs are to be taken care of. Also the funding needs of various kinds of companies are different. Therefore one has to take the services of funds like Acquarius trust group for the fund structuring.

  1. Legal Aspects

There are various legal aspects that need to be taken care of when it comes to the management of the funds of the company and also the assets. These legal aspects are generally taken care of by the legal companies that are affiliates of the trust funds.

  1. Asset Management

Since the assets are located across geographies therefore the companies need to focus on the management of these assets and the taxation and capital gains on these assets. Therefore the companies need to take the help of the experts in this field.

  1. Creation of SPVs for Funding and Trading

Special purpose vehicles are companies that are created for specific purposes – like the raising and management of funds across the geographies. These SPVs need to be created and managed in a specific manner that is in compliance with all the laws and yet is in a tax saving structure. This can be managed by specific companies.

  1. International Trading Using a Subsidiary Structure

This is another facet that is not easily managed by most of the multinational companies of various sizes. Most of the companies that want to save tax establish subsidiaries in low tax jurisdiction places. This is where the services of specialised trust funds come into the picture.