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Electronic Cigarettes and Its Health Benefits


First things first before we get in the main line of discussion which is buy e-cigarette India, as well as the benefits of e-cigarettes, it is extremely important that we first make the readers know what e-cigarettes are. E-cigarette of for that matter electronic cigarette are devices which are battery operated and is manufactured in such a way that they give out the look of a normal 4 inch tobacco white stick. They are a booming million dollar industry focusing on outselling tobacco commodities within a decade. Interestingly it is something which the general smoke mongers have accepted with open arms.

How do E Cigarettes Work?

These e-cigarettes as mentioned above look like the real thing. They even glow at the tip as a puffer inhales. It has an atomizer which heats up a liquid comprising of nicotine, converting in to the form of a vapor which can be puffed in, thereby producing a vapor cloud which looks like normal cigarette smoke. But that vapor is harmless and is similar to the fog which can be seen in various rock shows or concerts. Most of these e-cigarettes are similar in its functionality. The only difference between them is the cost as well as some minute features. Some of them are disposable while some possess cartridge refilling as well as battery rechargeable characteristics.

Are they Safe?

Now the most crucial question of all; are these e-cigarettes safe? This debate has triggered a fierce battle among several experts. Different individuals have given different opinions which are only fair and just. Some of them even disagree with the fact that whether they better the problem or make it even more problematic. So for all the readers, here are some of the crucial things about the benefits of e-cigarettes. Follow closely:

  • These e-cigarettes comprise of nicotine which is a high addictive drug but they do not contain tar, tobacco or for that matter any of the 4000 hazardous cancer inflicting components which cause complications to humans.
  • They also render no ash or any such offensive smells which can be found after smoking one tobacco stick.
  • They are also place convenient and can be lit up at any given place without worrying about the non-smoking folks around.
  • They provide no such passive smoking effects.
  • Importantly they are lesser in cost as compared to regular cigarettes.
  • It fulfills the nicotine yearnings, gives out the same look and also renders the same amount of feeling which smoke mongers get out of regular cigarettes.
  • Add to that that they are easily available in any general store, cigarette shop in a vast range of flavors as well as colors.

These are some of the top advantages of e-cigarettes which smoke mongers can get. The people reading this are pretty smart. Hence it’s up to them to decide whether it is safe or not. On my opinion they pretty much are and honestly are doing one essential thing which wasn’t even though possible earlier, i.e.  making smoking healthy!

People of India also tend to Buy and Indulge in E-cigarettes:

Even the general smokers think on similar terms and cater to its usages. Its popularity has soared into each and every nation across the globe; even India. People of this part of the world have also catered to the use of such e-cigarettes. They are particularly popular among the Indian teenagers as they can indulge in their favorite pastime without the fear of screwing up their body and health and also most importantly from getting grounded at home. Indian people have also started to understand that these are the perfect healthy alternative to the hazardous smoking and so are subjecting themselves more and more to it.