Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: Coming Soon With Special Display


Samsung has 100s of smartphone catalog and yes it is really big and sometimes it seems Samsung is giving competition to itself, but actually it is not giving change to other manufactures and this thing has played really good for the Samsung in the recent past. And however number of unique devices in the Samsung’s catalog are very few and one those most interesting is none other than Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which would be ruled by upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 after few months from now.

When we speak about the smartphones of South Korea’s Samsung, on your screen we found the typical panel and Super AMOLED. When we say that the Galaxy Note Edge is the cousin of Galaxy Note 4 is in almost every respect. The screen on the Galaxy Note have Edge is a panel 5.6-inch Super AMOLED, resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels and pixel density of 524 ppi full. All this protected by Corning Glass and Gorilla 3. And if you can believe in the next Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 the display resolution would be doubles, yes you guessed it right the 4K resolution might appear in that small sizes and same rumors applied to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The present display of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is also interesting as the image quality offered by its screen have a panel with resolution of quad-HD is amazing. We can enjoy great detail playing videos with 2K resolution and a marked improvement in day to day as long as we stay in Samsung Apps or the main screen. There everything is adapted to this resolution pixel density advantage offered. As the Galaxy Note 4, is fantastic. So, imagine the performance of 4K-resolution display, yes it would be above all.

If we talk about AMOLED panel, they have higher saturation in colors and pure black. Before using this device, using one IPS panel and the difference is remarkable. The colors are more vivid but tend to become warmer and slightly distort the actual color. The contrast is also noted as near saturation, make objects appear on the screen look more crisp and vivid. If we observe Samsung’s smartphone displays are getting better and better.

Regarding the brightness, we can’t complain in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, both at home and if we go, the light sensor is working properly and ensures a screen visibility in almost any situation. It is true that when incident light is strongly almost impossible to see anything, but this is a sin in Galaxy Note Edge and almost any device. But with time every brand would overcome it, let’s see if Note Edge 2 be the first to make or not. And on other specifications, you can expect octa-core Exynos 7X chipset, 4GB RAM, 21MP camera and lots more. And this time the display would be special as there would be two edges instead of one.