Salon Checklist: Equipment You Need to Start a Salon Business


Plenty of people want to be salon owners, but not a lot of people know where to start, or they start a salon thoroughly unprepared for the things that they need to provide excellent service. If you want to have a business that thrives, then you must start by delivering your business with the tools it needs to succeed.

With that in mind, below is a checklist of all salon equipment that you need to start a salon business that thrives.

Salon Stations, Chairs, Mirrors

This is a no-brainer, but to be able to take care of your customer’s hair properly, you need to be able to see it correctly. Aside from that, your customers should be appropriately situated so that you don’t make mistakes when cutting their hair.

Thus, to be able to do all that, you need standard salon stations, chairs, and mirrors. These are one of the essential tools you would need to get started on your salon.

Shampoo Bowls

Shampoo bowls are the sinks that are attached on top of chairs that help stylists wash the hair of their clients. A shampoo bowl is another essential piece of salon equipment that you would need to get started.

Some shampoo bowls have certain features that help prevent clients from getting neck cramps, so if you want to have that, then look for that feature.


Another important salon tool that all salons should have, and all stylists will use often are dryers. If you offer a variety of services that may need constant washing and drying, then you will need dryers for your salon.

Hood dryers are a time-saver that helps stylists leave a customer who only needs to dry their hair for a customer who needs more of their attention.

Pedicure Chairs

If you want to provide pedicure services in your salon, then pedicure chairs are a must because they give the most comfortable position both for clients and specialists to offer and receive pedicures.

Some pedicure chairs should have foot spa bowls on the bottom to make it even more useful for your pedicure needs. These are a significant investment, and these make a salon look exponentially more professional.

Manicure Stations

Speaking of pedicure stations, if you plan on doing nails for the feet, then you should also have one for the nails on your hands. With that said, you should have manicure stations that make it easy for you to provide a manicure service.

Make sure that it has bright enough light that you can see what you’re doing. Plus, set up displays of nail polish to create fresh designs for the manicure station that can inspire your client.

Nail Polish Racks

Speaking of manicure stations and taking care of people’s nails, you should consider having a rack for nail polish. Not only is it a cute design idea and a colorful one at that, but it is also a way for you to display the colors of nail polish that you provide.

Consider modeling a fake set of nails with a variety of design to show potential clients some designs that you or your manicurists can do.

Sanitation Stations

Sanitation stations are more than just the areas in your salon where you sterilize every tool or equipment that you use. They are also a way for a salon to showcase its cleanliness, which can be very attractive to current and potential clients.

Besides, it’s good to separate an area where you get items cleaned so that you don’t contaminate them with other materials in the salon.

Drying Lamps

Speaking of nails and all that, one thing that you would also need to have in your salon business is drying lamps. You wouldn’t want to wait all day for your client’s nails to dry or blow on them for a couple of minutes.

Drying lamps are a convenient, safe, and effective way of drying nails without having to redo them because you or your client managed to mess up the polish.

Salon Management Software

Last but not least, your salon business needs salon software to help automate a lot of business processes for you. From inventory tracking to marketing, a salon management software can do a lot for you.

It’s an excellent investment, and it can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

Above are just some of the things that a salon business should have in its arsenal of salon equipment. Without a lot of these, you will not be able to provide the best salon service. Thus, consider each one as an investment for the future of your salon business.