Retirement Home vs Nursing Home: What's The Difference?

Retirement Home vs Nursing Home: What’s The Difference?


Did you know America’s aging population is becoming more racially diverse? Between 2018 and 2060, the non-Hispanic white population may drop from 77 percent to 55.

Where you live during your “golden years” is a major decision. It’s important to decide where you’re going to retire. Before you can do that, you need to learn the difference between a retirement home vs nursing home.

In this article, we’ll explain what a retirement home is and what a nursing home is. And we’ll tell you the benefits of a retirement home.

What Is a Retirement Home?

Sometimes retirement homes are also called old age homes. And some seniors refer to them as “nursing homes” but this inaccurate.

A retirement home is a multi-resident facility for seniors to live in. Most retirement homes keep independence in mind. And they host activities so residents have the chance to meet new people, but still, live alone.

What Is a Nursing Home?

A nursing home is for the residential care of seniors and elderly people within a community. Sometimes nursing homes are called long-term care homes or old-people homes.

Nursing homes often provide custodial care. This includes helping the senior get in and out of bed. Sometimes seniors need help eating and bathing as well.

Benefits of a Retirement Home

There are many benefits to living in a retirement home. Most nursing homes offer daily activities. By doing this, it helps keep the residents active among their sedentary lives.

Aids also help seniors get dressed and perform tasks like cooking or cleaning. Residents may need help keeping themselves groomed and clean, too. This is one of the perks of living in a retirement or nursing home.

Help within retirement homes is also flexible. Seniors are able to get help with changing needs. For example, if a senior injures their leg and has to use a wheelchair, an assistant can help them complete tasks.

Retirement homes give seniors the opportunity to socialize with other residents. Some seniors living at home may stay inside and not greet their neighbors every morning. But, if they are living in a retirement home, they may become more outgoing.

How to Choose a Retirement Home

The first step in choosing the best retirement home for your aging family member is to do your research. Look at retirement homes in your area.

You may be wondering how much retirement homes cost, too. The price is a major factor for most families when choosing a new living space for seniors.

It’s unwise to choose a retirement home based on the price. Choose a retirement home based on the level of care and read reviews.

Retirement Home vs Nursing Home

Retirement homes and nursing homes are a necessary part of society. Some families aren’t able to take care of their aging parents and grandparents. So, they turn to retirement and nursing homes for help.

The main goal of retirement homes is to give seniors independence. While nursing homes offer assistive aid and help when the seniors need it.

To learn more about living in a retirement home vs a nursing home, visit our website today.

What questions to be while choosing a nursing home?

There are many things that one has to check and ask from community members to get a better lifestyle, environment, and health. Here are some questions to be asked:

  • Cleanliness of the premises and how frequently they clean the area. Washrooms should be neat and clean with proper toiletries and non-slippery tiles.
  • Basic facilities like proper electricity, ventilation throughout the property, environment-friendly area, gardens, and many more.
  • The total number of rooms available, with the quality, size, and attachments to each room.
  • Privacy should be maintained for both male and female seniors, with proper health care helpers or nurses.
  • The old age home must have one medical emergency room with an experienced doctor and nurse. It is a basic facility because illness increases when the age is more.
  • Safety priorities are a must for the area, and fire extinguishers and emergency exits must be available in the area.
  • For any type of nursing home, old age home, licenses and certificates are necessary. One can not open it without proper guidance and facilities.
  • The total number of staff/employees to take care of the center should twice the number of residents on the premises. It helps to provide proper care and help to seniors.
  • Nutrition value and food are given to the old aged people must be healthy and contains fewer spices. It should be given after taking care of their health issues and various problems.

Therefore, these things should be taken care of and verified before you start living in a nursing home. It helps an individual to live healthy lives. Many of the nursing homes provide all the details in catalogs.

How can you get permission to stay in a skilled nursing home?

  1. Doctor’s must approve the admission of the patient after conducting proper health check-ups and making a report.
  2. Certification from your states should be available with the owner.
  3. Medical history examination training and certificates for doctors.
  4. Take patient’s security card and consent from the guardian or family members.
  5. A negative test for air-borne and transmitting diseases.
  6. Payment methods and how to contact the concerned person if required.

In this way, you can get approval to stay in the nursing home. It is a must to be physically and mentally stable to stay at a similar place.