Essentials For Senior Citizen Care


Every age group has its own specific health requirements. From the gentle care that infants need to supplements which promote bone and muscle development among growing children, and from ways to handle a stressful adult life to the support which is crucial for senior citizens. Zigy brings you a range of health care products for senior citizens which are designed to help them stay fit active and involved at all times.

Dietary Supplements

As the body ages, it loses the ability to produce everything it needs to stay healthy. Bone density is affected by age and we become susceptible to fractures deficiencies and ill health. Zigy the online medical store offers a range of dietary supplements in various flavours, which are easy to digest, and have been made keeping the needs of senior citizens in mind. It must however, be remembered that it is important to consult a health practitioner before you start taking any supplements, to make sure it agrees with any other medication you may be taking.

Adult Diapers

Incontinence is unavoidable as a person ages, and is a problem which often spells the end of an active life as it can lead to embarrassing situations which make the sufferer reticent about leaving the safety of home. Not only does he or she avoid social interaction, but also balks at travel or even a trip to the mall. In order to prevent this embarrassment and to allow senior citizens lead a full, active lifestyle we have adult diapers. Adult diapers keep in mind every senior citizen’s need for dignity and allows him or her to maintain the routine they are used to without being embarrassed about incontinence. Adult diapers of various sizes can be purchased with your medicines, online in India via Zigy.

Joint and Muscle Health

Aching joints and muscles which are fast losing their elasticity are not only painful but also make movement difficult, hampering daily life and coming in the way of much-needed exercise. Zigy offers medicines which promote joint and muscle health, targeting the problem area and providing quick relief.

Alternative Medicine

Allopathic medicines have many side-effects and as a person’s age advances, these side-effects can aggravate conditions like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Alternative medicines, on the other hand, have few or no side- effects and can be used safely by senior citizens.Once you consult your doctors, Zigy makes it easy for you to purchase your medicines online

  • Ayurvedic remedies: Zigy makes it easy for each one of us to have access to Ayurvedic medicines. We can buy trusted medicines from renowned brand via Zigy.
  • Homeopathic Remedies: Like Ayurveda, Homeopathy uses plant and animal extracts as well as naturally available minerals to create medicinesthat address health issues. Buy homeopathic remedies for ailments suffered by senior citizens easily online at Zigy!

No matter which stream of medicine you choose, it is imperative to refrain from the impulse to self-medicate. Any medication should be taken after consultation with a licensed medical practitioner, who will prescribe any new medication keeping in mind the ones you are already taking.

For a person who has worked hard throughout life, retirement is the beginning of a new golden phase of life. It is an opportunity to relax, explore the world at leisure, indulge in hobbies, learn new skills and bond with their friends and loved one. Zigy ensures that this beautiful phase of life is made easy and smooth by providing a comprehensive range of senior citizen care products which can be ordered online and will be delivered quickly and conveniently to your home.