Natural Remedies vs. Prescribed Medicines: Which One Is Better For You?


Your choice of medication should not be based on your personal opinion. You should consult a professional whether or not a natural medicine alternative can do your health any good.

Over the years, usage of herbal medicines is one of the most popular topics in the medical community especially since many people are patronizing them.  Some patients are even using herbal medicines as an alternative to their medication.  They believe that herbal medicines are safer in contrast to their prescribed drugs.  However, not all herbs actually assure a cure.

Many doctors and health practitioners still argue which between the two is more effective—herbal medicines or the prescription drugs? Organizations have shared their opinions and ideas about the issue. One of which is, an organization dedicated to helping raise awareness about health.  They have enumerated some PROs and CONs of herbal medicines and prescribed medicine.

What are Herbal Medicines?

Herbal medicines are medicines that come from natural herbs. It helps stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities. Aside from that, these herbs help nourish and cleanse your organs and other systems.  You can easily recognize them because of the “No therapeutic claim” tag in their boxes.

PROs of Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are easy to acquire. This is one of the reasons why people like to buy it. You can buy them without a prescription letter from your doctor. They are available in drugstores, pharmacies, and supermarkets. It is also cheaper, unlike the prescribed medicines.

CONS of Herbal Medicines

Although they are all over in the market, some herbal medicines can cause harm to your body. Self-medication can lead to serious complications, especially if you’re undergoing medical treatment.  It might help strengthen your immune system, but it does not assure that it is safe for consumption. Herbal drugs are non-regulated and have no proof of cure. It is more of a food supplement than a drug itself.

What are Prescribed Medicines?

Prescribed medicines are synthetic medicines made to cure or protect your body from certain disease and infection. Only after your doctor has come up with a diagnosis can you have a prescribed drug. This is to make sure that you are given the correct drug and dosage.

PROs of Prescribed Medicines

In contrast to herbal medicines, prescribed medicines are safer.  Prescribed drugs have to go through a series of test before it comes out on the market. You can buy them if you can present a prescription upon purchase. Your prescription guides you through your medication. Prescribed medicines can cure a certain ailment or disease.

CONS of Prescribed medicines

One of the cons of prescribed medicines is that it can be expensive.  They have a price range of from $4 and up.  These medicines can be difficult to acquire without prescription, too.

In conclusion, herbal medicines can be a good alternative for people who don’t have serious health conditions. However, you still need to see a doctor to check whether or not it’s good for you.  If you have a serious health condition, it is best that you check with you doctor before taking herbal medicines. Otherwise, it can cause serious complication on your current situation.