Why Face Mask Are Must Under The Sun

Why Face Mask Are Must Under The Sun


We all know that we need to protect ourselves from the sun but what we often ask ourselves is the best way to do it. Forget about the sunscreen; here is a better sun protection, which has eliminated the many disadvantages of sunscreens. Face masks are essential to protect the entire face from the harmful effects of the sun which are premature aging and skin cancer among others. The face and neck are the parts of the body that are directly exposed to the sun and they should be protected from harmful sun rays. Here are 8 reasons why face masks are a must have under the sun:

1. They Maintain Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Sun exposure leads to premature aging, sunburns and skin cancer. They act as a block against these dangerous sun rays. When you wear the face mask for sun protection anytime you want to go out, you will protect yourself from the sun rays. Some of the materials make the face masks have high levels of SPF.

2. Face Masks Can Cover The Entire Face

A full face mask can be used to protect the entire face without leaving any part exposed to sunrays. The eyes, nose and mouth are fully covered; the sunscreen leaves them exposed to the sun rays. This is why the face mask is the best barrier from the damage caused by UV sunrays.

3. They Come In a Variety Of Designs

Face masks can be customized to any designs that people prefer. The sun protective clothing is made in a fashionable and stylish way. A neck veil for example covers the ears and neck. The neck veiled hats come up in sizes from those of younger people to grown up sizes. The sun mullet too is tailored as a fabric that can be worn together with sunglasses. They can also be made to fall on baseball caps.

4. They Are Suited For All Outdoor Activities

Face masks are used on all outdoor activities and by all people. They are used while at the beach, while cycling and swimming. They are suitable for all activities because they are effective in protecting against sun rays and they cannot rub off. Face mask users get the confidence of enjoying their outdoor activities without worry. The best part about face masks is that there is no need to wait after wearing it before you go under the sun.

5.It Does Not Require Reapplication

Sunscreen has been known as a method to protect against sunrays. As we all know the sunscreen can rub off and sweat off too. This brings a need to reapply frequently preferably after two hours. On the other hand sunscreen cannot be effective if a generous amount is not applied. This is why a face mask is crucial because it is guaranteed to protect your face without these conditions.

6.Face Masks Are Durable

They may be expensive initially but unlike sunscreen they cannot be depleted. It is uneconomical and very costly buying sunscreen for each member of your family every time. Face masks are not depleted when exposed to direct sun rays, thus economical.

7. They Are Harmless

Face masks are made of fabric unlike sunscreen, which is made up of chemicals which are dangerous to people’s lives. As we all know sunscreens are harmful if they get into contact with our eyes. This can discourage enjoying outdoor activities because of fear of sweat dripping into the eyes and cause a stinging effect. Due to sunscreen being chalky and think they can clog the pores and thus leading to acne breakouts. All these are avoided when we choose face masks to protect ourselves from sun rays.

8.Face Masks Are Convenient

Face masks are easy to wear and they cover the entire part. It is designed to cover with ease. There are no worries of unpleasant smells and the worry that some part may still be exposed to the sun. Unlike sunscreens, it cannot get into the eyes. It does not require effort to wear it and it doesn’t feel greasy on the face. It can also be used on people of all skin tones without a worry of compatibility with the skin tone.


It is very crucial that we protect ourselves from the harmful sun rays but it is more important if we chose the appropriate sun rays protector. Face masks have no side effects, are easy to use and are effective in their purpose. With the reasons highlighted above each one of us needs a face mask every time we hop out.