Health Benefits Of Left-Side Sleeping


Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is important for health. Sleep position can impact your health. 20-40% of American adults suffer from insomnia. Still, the importance of sleep seems to go undervalued, Sleep position is often a matter of comfort. Healthy sleep helps to Relieve Heartburn, Prevents Snoring, Improves Circulation and brain health. According to Dr John Douillard, “There is evidence that sleeping on the left side has positive effects in terms of health and longevity.”

For Heart Health

The heart is one of the major organs in the human body. Sleeping on the left side will help you to maintain a healthy heart. Influences the blood circulation and the cardiovascular health positively. Regular and restful sleep is essential for good health.

It may reduce Heartburn

According to a study of Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, lying on the left side that prevents the acid reflux symptoms. Helps to reduce stress and negative effect on the overall health.

For Brain Health

Many doctors suggested the pregnant women to sleep on their left side. According to the many studies, sleeping on one side, helps to clear waste chemicals from the brain. It is also linked to the healthy brain functions.

Improve Your Lymphatic System Function

According to Ayurvedic medicine, sleeping on the left side allows the body to better filter lymphatic fluid and debris due to the higher number of lymph nodes occur in the left side of the body. It was also found that Sleeping on the left also takes pressure off the liver. Sleeping on the right side may reduce the effectiveness function of the lymphatic system.

Improve your Digestion

When it comes to sleeping,  it is preferable from the point of view of gravity. Specifically, food waste moves more easily into the large intestine colon. Also which help develop pancreatic enzymes and other digestive processes.

It is Ideal for Pregnant Women

Sleeping on the left side not only improves blood flow in pregnant women. But also helps to relieve pressure from the lower back,  prevents the uterus and to increase blood flow to the uterus, kidney and fetus.

Good for Spleen Health

The spleen is also the important organ involved in the production and removal of blood cells. Helps to maintain healthy immune system. Sleeping on your left side prevents nighttime congestion, promotes healthy breath. It can cure snoring. Provides optimum air flow.