Latest and Recessions Proof Scope Of IT Jobs and Internships In Pakistan  


A recent study performed by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) showed that the top-paying “hot jobs” will fall in the field of Information Technology, an industrial area which didn’t have any sort of practical existence, 25 years back.

In this era of outsourcing, low-rank IT jobs such as data entry are generally outsourced to places having comparatively less expensive labor, and expert IT jobs including technical support and programming are sent to places like India and the Pakistan where skilled labor is becoming progressively more accessible. In spite of this, it is still expected that in the next ten years, highly-skilled jobs focusing business process and direct client communication will have greater chances to considerably expand and will be one of the high-paying jobs in industry. The average salary for jobs that have huge demand in this sector is $71,470.00, above twice than that of the national average. Information Technology is anticipated to develop by 26% in the next ten years and jobs in this area are expected to have greater wages as compared to the other fields.

Latest and Recessions Proof Scope Of IT Jobs and Internships In Pakistan

In accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 70% of IT professionals possess Bachelor’s degrees or higher degrees. However, with Information technology being a fresh industry, more than (66%) of IT workers have degrees in non-IT related areas. This indicates that possessing an eminent post-secondary educational background, irrespective of the level of specialization enables individuals to shine in their selected careers despite the irrelevant status of their formal education.

A number of fresh IT professionals hold associate and bachelor’s degrees in a variety of Information Technology degree programs. With BS in Information Technology being the most popular program, it can be augmented through different online certification programs for hardware and software.

Moreover, the rapid development in the IT sector has encouraged future-concerned Americans to switch to new careers with more benefits. Distance and online universities enable busy, employed individuals to gain an online degree along with maintaining their jobs in some other industrial sector.

This latest trend of switching to a career in IT has been wonderful. Jobs with heavy paychecks in IT are seeking degree holders having proper knowledge of IT Architecture, IT Security, Project Management and Business Process Modeling. It is anticipated that a number of Pakistani in different fields will begin cross-training by making enrollment in online IT degree courses. Similarly, IT professionals are looking forward to additional certification with the help of online courses to add-on their credentials.