India’s Number One Online Property Locator


Whether you are searching for property to buy or to rent in India, you will not be able to do it as quickly and successfully if you do now download the property finder free now. This little application holds a lot of information that you will find pertinent for your searching process. You can try it for free and continue to use it as long as you want to, without paying a dime for this wonderful program. Decrease time, effort, and save loads of money with this app before your head off to the airport.

 India's Number One Online Property Locater


Quick Searches

Once you try out the app, you will question yourself about how you have made it this long, without it. The quick and simple searches will allow you to find the home or flat of your liking in no time at all. You can search through any city of your choice and find hundreds of available real estate properties. Once you filter your search, your results will appear instantly. No more searching through the thousands of online real estate websites, that do not contain as much information as this program. You will never have to house hunt any where else, as long as your have this app on your iPhone, iPad, android tablet, or iPod touch devices.

 India's Number One Online Property Locater


Vacation Rental Software

The app is the best vacation rental software, by far. When compared to other applications, you will not be able to find one that is so efficient and easy to use. Never get frustrated again, when you are searching for available rental or for sale property in India. Each property listing has a brief summary of the property including; the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, deposit amounts, rental fees, whether or not the apartment has air conditioning or hot water, and laundry services. This complete summary will provide you with everything that you will need in a vacation rental.

 India's Number One Online Property Locater


Filter Your Search

If you do not want to have to view properties that do not fit into your needs or preferences, you can narrow your search by using the “filter” feature. There is a large list of features that you can select and define your search. If you need an elevator, parking, cupboards, and televisions, you will be able to choose these options and your results will only contain these types of properties. This will save you a lot of time because you will not have to search unwanted properties. Most people like to keep an open mind and search through all of the available properties and this works great for them, but you do not have to.


The greatest thing about the app is that it is so user friendly. It is unlike apps that are so difficult to understand because each feature, icon, and the map is so simple to use. You can also search with ease, without second guessing what you are truly looking for. This app will become your best asset to house hunting in India and you should recommend it to others.