How To Keep Your Old Car Feeling New

How To Keep Your Old Car Feeling New


Does driving your car make you feel out dated? Have you ever caught yourself hoping your car will get stolen just so you don’t have to deal with it anymore? Do you wish you could buy a new car but just can’t afford steep monthly payments? Check out these simple tips that will make you feel proud to roll down the streets in your older ride.

Wash it More Often

Sometimes all your car needs is a good scrub to make it feel like new. Commit to giving your ride a bath at least once a month. Not only will this prevent your paint from rusting and your interior from collecting stains, it will also help you feel a lot better when making your daily commute.

Invest in a bucket, carwash mitt, concentrated wash liquid, and a wax kit. It will last forever and save you money in the long run. If you can’t wash your car at your house, ask a friend or family member to use their facilities. Don’t forget to clean the interior as well, all you need is a vacuum, wet wipes, and an air freshener to make your car feel like it’s new.

Get Regular Tune-ups

Sometimes it can be hard to remember the little things, like getting an oil change or making sure your belts and filters are clean and sturdy. If you’re bad at remembering to do maintenance on your car, set a reminder by writing on your calendar or creating an alert on your phone. Instead of going to the nearest Jiffy Lube, find a good mechanic that can get to know your car over time and won’t overcharge you for basic maintenance.

Fix those Dents and Scratches

Have you ever backed into a light post or brushed by a bush? Maybe you’ve spilled coffee on your seat one too many times. Perhaps a rock hit your windshield and now it is cracked. These things can leave your car with tiny dents, scrapes, and a gross interior. Though it may seem minor at first it builds up over time.

If you want to get that dent fixed or those paint chips covered, check out somewhere like Carlsbad auto body repair. Not only do auto body repair help fix the outer appearance of your car, most companies also specialize on interior restoration such as fabric repair, engine cleaning, and upholstery restoration. Staying on top of your cars appearance will undoubtedly make you feel good about driving.

Drive it Regularly

Perhaps the most important component of keeping your old car feeling new is to drive it. While you might want to steer clear of long distance travel, maintaining a daily commute can keep your car running smoothly. Driving your car daily will also allow you to get to know its feel better you will be able to recognize if something doesn’t sound right or if it is driving funny.