Home Improvement: Start With LED Faucets


For your home design or improvement, a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet are great highlights. Because they’re used every day, they need to be of high-quality, really durable and functional. Those unfailing LED faucets are easy to access in today’s market, which come in a sea of trendy designs and styles. They will simply add some fun when you do dishes or have a shower. They are not only functional but also artistic!

For your bathroom, a LED color changing shower head is a great point that invites your guests’ attention. It tells you the water temperature visually so you can avoid testing the temperature by yourself. On general a LED shower head has 3 colors – red green and blue. Red goes for hot while green is for cold; blue means comfortable – quite intuitive, isn’t it? If the red should flashes red, it is warning you do not touch the water. Besides, a color changing LED hand shower does not need a power supply or battery. It is powered by a little turbine inside. When water flows through the piping the turbine is able to work and hence produces electricity for the LED bulbs. In this way it does not add to your electricity bill and is environmentally friendly.


When it comes to the kitchen improvement, RGB LED kitchen faucets are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Despite the diversity, the LED faucet should match the style of your kitchen. A good LED kitchen faucet is something you can use for long. The most extensively used is the single handle kitchen faucet, which are often made with high quality. The LED bulbs installed, just like what’s mentioned, tell you whether the water is hot or cold through the color. The single handle RGB LED kitchen faucets require the sink with one hole, and comparing to the three hole kitchen faucet, it saves room for your counter top but still functions as a three hole one. Today people are more inclined to have the modern type – LED retractable spray faucet. Like its name implied, the faucet’s new feature makes it easier for user to do cleaning and rinsing. Just make sure the LED faucet is compatible with the setup of your kitchen, like the diameter, the clearance over the sink and so on.

Since LED faucets are dominating the market rapidly, they become the standards for modern kitchen and bathroom. Options are in a wild range and you are sure to discover your desirable faucets.