How You Can Make the Most of Facebook Privacy Settings


No matter how much we like to think otherwise but Facebook has become a part and parcel of our life. Whether it is to view pictures of loved ones, to comment on a sarcastic statement, to be tagged by a friend in a funny post or to check-in at a location, Facebook is omnipresent. While a majority of the population has taken to this social platform willingly, some of you may still have misgivings about Facebook’s privacy not complying with your need to keep personal details restricted.

Well here are some privacy settings that you can tweak to get the most out of your Facebook profile without compromising on your privacy.

Cover Photo

While many of you are aware of keeping your profile picture away from public view by restricting the settings to friends only or viewable to certain selected friends, it is a lesser known fact that the same option also exists currently for the cover photos which were earlier visible to the public. Facebook has recently added a setting which allows users to adjust the privacy setting of old and new cover photos. You can open the album titled ‘cover photos’ on your homepage and alter the privacy setting by choosing your audience from the drop down menu options namely public, friends, and customized lists.


Have you ever faced the dilemma of whether to post a status on facebook or not as it may offend certain members on your friendlist. Also, at other times you may want to keep your work life separate from your personal life. Facebook provides a solution to this dilemma by providing you with option to create lists. Once you create a list of friends and another of ‘colleagues’ or ‘restricted viewers’ you can post any status, picture or video without any guilt as only those in the selected list would be able to view and give likes or comments on your post.


Facebook Apps are a trend these days and you are sure to have accepted an invitation or two of playing a game for which you no longer show any interest. These apps require your personal details before you can access them and if you are no longer interested then it is best to get rid of them as you’re risking private information of your account.

Profile details

Facebook users are required to fill in their private details on their profile such as birthday, school/college, workplace, address, emails, phone numbers etc. Considering the classified nature of this information, it is only wise to keep it hidden from public view.

Even though Facebook prompts you to check out their latest privacy features every now and then you should take the responsibility of carrying out a privacy check up every few months to ensure the exclusiveness of your private information.