Why You Need To See A Naturopath If You Can’t Lose Weight


A few years back my mother was feeling down about her weight. She had been working out and exercising, but couldn’t seem to lose any weight.

Have you found yourself in the same situation? It can be frustrating and you can also have feelings of hopelessness. You finally get motivated to lose some weight and you put the effort in but nothing happens.

Or perhaps you are thinking about losing some weight, but can’t get motivated. That’s something I deal with all the time.

I seriously hope you are not at the stage where you are about to give up. My mother was very close. That was until she sought out a Victoria Naturopath. It was there that Dr. Shannon Sarrisan helped her determine what she needed to be filling her body with to lose weight and feel better overall.

A lot of people don’t believe in Naturopath medicine or doctors because it is pseudoscience. Its beliefs are presented as science, but they do not adhere to valid scientific methods. So it depends on what you believe in. But the science says that if you burn more calories than you intake you should lose weight. However, that may not be the case with you. So science might actually be failing you and it could be time to see a Naturopathic Doctor in Victoria.


Anyways, my mother was put on herbal medicine to help lower here blood pressure. This was the first big step for here in losing a bunch of weight.

The next step was to look at her metabolism and see if it could be sped up by eating the proper foods that fit her body wants and needs. This made a big improvement as well. So the main focus was on nutrition. Sure, many personal trainers focus on nutrition. But a naturopath is able to do blood tests to provide you with a diet that caters to you.

Personal trainers normally provide the same diet to all of their clients. This is not the best way to do things. That’s why my mother wanted to see a naturopath. So she could get a holistic approach.

About a year after my mother first started working with her naturopath, she lost close to 50 pounds! It is amazing to see her look and feel better than ever. She’s 65 but tells me she feels like a kid again. I love hearing that.

So think about your current situation and how you feel. No matter if you are exercising regularly and not seeing any results in weight loss or if you haven’t started yet, look into sitting down with a naturopath first. You might end up saving a lot of time and money, as you’ll get answers to why you feel the way you do.