Why You Need A Personal Trainer


For most of my life I have been overweight. When I was in grade 12, I can remember stepping on the scale and seeing a weight of 218!

My mother always told me it would wear off and it was just baby fat. My parents owned a convenience store during my teenage years. I can remember eating bags of chips, chocolate bars and drinking lots of pop. We’d also travel a lot for golf and baseball trips so we ate plenty of fast food.

Although I was an active kid, I ate very poorly. That obviously accounted towards my weight problems. When I turned 18 I realized that my baby fat wasn’t going anywhere. So I took matters into my own hands and started to look at what I was putting in my body.

The first thing I did was cut out drinking pop and drinking water instead. That made a big difference as it cut down on my sugar intake.

I then started to hit the gym and exercise a bit more. It helped some more and I finally got down under 200 pounds!

Then about 6 years later I started to gain some more weight. My next move was to try something severe. My friend had been praising this Isogenix stuff. So I did a 30 day shake diet and rode my brothers bike everywhere I could.

Personal Trainer

It worked well and I found myself somewhat thin for a few more years. But like all things I gained the weight back again because I got lazy. I stopped eating better and my exercising time went down.

I simply hated going for a run and didn’t want to pay for a new bike as I was borrowing my brothers. So I took up playing squash. That really helped slim me up as there is no greater exercise than playing squash.

But I wasn’t able to keep the weight off and this winter was bad for me. I ate like a pig and drank lots of beer during the Christmas holidays. A few weeks after Christmas I went to Hawaii and proceeded to eat bad food and drink lots of beer.

You’ll notice a trend here of me becoming content after I drop some weight. I couldn’t continue to eat well and exercise.

Fed up of trying to do everything on my own, I seeked out a Victoria personal trainer back in February.

So far things have been great as they have:

– Set up a diet plan

– Set up a workout plan

– Kept me accountable

– Helped me become aware of by bad eating patterns

I was so cheap and didn’t want to pay for a trainer. But sometimes you have to pay for important things like your health. I look at the price I am paying as an investment towards my longevity.  Life is amazing and I want to live as long as I can in great health.

So if you need a personal trainer, look up Elite Training Programs as they have a remote personal trainer package for those looking for an online personal trainer.