How to Use Smartphones to Make Low-Cost Films?


Today, we are blessed with so much technological advancements. It is now possible for ordinary people to create excellent entertainment content. Smartphones are small boxes of wonder. They contain a lot of sophisticated modules to allow us do so many things. Mid-range smartphones are already equipped with octa-core processors and a camera that can capture scenes at 1080p resolution @60fps. With relatively limited budget, it is now possible for people to make films with decent quality. With a little imagine, people can create many excellent things. With a good editing skill, you can be on your own way of delivering something excellent. For aspiring filmmakers, they can use smartphones to film the action, process the images and distribute through various platforms, including optical media or the Internet.

Because smartphones are relatively affordable, it’s a good idea to use at least two or three smartphones to capture a scene from various angles. This will make the editing process easier to do and the actual shooting session will be much faster. If there are certain special effects inside the film, the use of multiple smartphones can actually save money and time. Make sure that camerapersons who operate the smartphones are well trained to shoot the film. A remarkable film can be made, when various angles are captured. It is very easy to transfer files from smartphones and computers, you can do it wirelessly, using WLAN or through the Internet. No need to set up complicated cables between your laptop and multiple smartphones.

When making low cost films, you can involve everyone around you, including family members and friends. They should have something that they are good at and can do really well. It is also an opportunity for many people to learn how to do things properly. For aspiring filmmakers, this is also their opportunity to hone and refine their skills. They can try and think of doing things from different angles. With smartphones, it is often about pointing and tapping on the record button on the screen. However, if you want to get much better results, you also need to consider lighting and various creative methods. Because short films are cheap to make, they can be used to sell your skills, before you transition to a bigger project.

It’s also a good opportunity to use your editing skills with software. There are free video editing software solutions that you can use. They are often easy to use and you can produce great results in a relative short time. Smartphones can also use various apps for capturing films and editing videos. Effects can be added directly on the phone, when a scene is captured. This will significantly reduce the processing time and a capability that’s not available on regular camcorders. Aspiring should keep on filming and produce great things based on their creativity and hard work. YouTube and other video sharing platforms are great platforms to show off your skills, through trailers and short films that people can watch. It’s now very easy to do.