How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Distance Road Trip?


Before a long road trip, you should make sure that your car can perform well. There are factors that may compromise the safety levels and you need to address them. It is a good idea to increase fuel efficiency by doing a number of steps, so the cost of the trip can be reduced and you don’t need to fill the tank too often. Always make sure that the car is in tip top condition and in some cases, you can do your own maintenance task. Tires and wheels should be checked, because failures could be quite life threatening. We have heard about cars the rolled over after the tire suddenly bursts. If tires look bald and uneven, this could be a sign that they will fail soon. Also, if tread is almost gone, your braking ability will be reduced and the car may slide out of control on slippery road surfaces.

You also need to check the pressure of the car and you can do this in the gas situation. The proper pressure for your tire should be printed on a placard or the door sill of the driver’s side. The information could also be obtained in the handbook for car owners. If the pressure is not sufficient, you should bring it up to the correct value. You should do this to all four tires and the spare as well. If your caps are worn out, you may replace them with new one. Bad caps could let some amount of air to escape slowly and you will lose pressure steadily. If your tires are underinflated, the friction with the road surface will be higher. This will result in higher fuel consumption, because it will take more energy for your car to achieve certain speed.

You should also check wheel alignment, so the car will drive straight. You can check this problem by loosely holding the steering wheel. If it appears that the car steers to one direction, it is possible that the wheel is out of alignment. This may not seem to be a big problem, but having to constantly compensate by turning the steering wheel slightly to one side all the time can add to your fatigue level. You should bring the car to the service center and the cost for aligning your car should be quite low. If you plan to have a long road trip, it is a good idea to replace the engine oil, even it’s still about 1000 or 2000 miles before you are required to change it. If you want to reduce fuel consumption, you should also perform engine tune up, so the combustion process is more efficient.

You also need to check the windscreen, because it’s your way to see the outside world. Check the washer fluid and tank, to make sure that they are in good condition. The person who drives should also be prepared. Make sure to have enough rest and you need to drink enough water. Some people are more alert, when listening to audiobook through the car stereo, so it’s less likely for them to doze off.