The Important of Various Fluids in Your Car


Your car is consisted of many moving parts. Direct contact between moving solid objects can be destructive, so you need enough fluid that protects these moving parts. If your car has poor level of fluid, the whole situation can be dangerous and it may mean a lengthy repair time and large repair bills. Not only that the combustion process is accumulates a lot of excess heat, direct contact between moving surfaces will also cause them to heat up. These fluids are designed to prevent excessive heat from accumulating. The fluid will absorb heat and the excess heat can be expelled outside the car. You need the right level of fluid to make sure that the performance and safety of your car won’t be badly compromised.

After prolonged use, the fluid level inside your car can become lower. Small leaks can develop on hidden areas inside your car. So, it is imperative to check whether your whole system is working properly, so major damage can be avoided. Engine oil is considered as the most critical fluid inside your car. It is needed to ensure that your engine operates smoothly. Its main purpose is to lubricate moving parts. When metal surfaces rub against one another, abrasion may occur and heat will be generated. Engine oil addresses both concerns and it will ensure that your engine will reach peak performance. It is generally easy to see whether your engine oil is leaking. After parking your car for a day, check whether there’s a dark oily spot. In many cases, this can be caused only by damaged oil plug.

Brake fluid is also essential in ensuring that your car can be kept safe. When you step on the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure will be created and transferred through a series of pipes and clamps. This will stop the wheel from rotating. The system works properly only if the brake fluid level is at the right level. If the level of brake fluid is low, the brake system can be damaged and this could lead to catastrophe. During high speed driving, the car may fail to stop and this will cause a fatal accident.

Coolant is another type of fluid that you need to check regularly. Any normal functioning engine will slowly heat up and you need coolant to keep the engine works properly. The excess heat that has been absorbed by the coolant is expelled using fan and radiator. If the coolant is not working properly, then the engine can be damaged. In a more serious case, the engine will stop to work and it may crack. You should regularly check the level of the coolant and you can do this simply by opening the cap of your radiator. Make sure that the radiator is always filled to the brim. However, you need to be sure that the radiator and the engine are no longer too hot. If the radiator is very hot, hot steam can shoot up and badly scalding your hand.

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