How to Keep Offices Unaffected By Common Cold and Flu?


It’s the time of the year when nearly everyone seems to be susceptible to illness. It could be troubling to sit on the train besides people who snuffle and sneeze unceasingly. All we can do is to wash our hands and cover our noses. What really irks us is when co-workers insist on working, although they are sick. Not only they are less productive, but others in the office could end up getting sick as well. According to a study up to 60 percent people go to work although they are sick. Some of them don’t want to disappoint their co-workers and bosses by having a prolonged sick leave. They are simply concerned that by staying at home for anything less than lapsing into a coma could be frowned upon by the higher management. We could get increasingly afraid of our jobs.

We have seen pictures of employees going to work wearing masks. Although some people may consider a bit over the top, this simple measure could significantly limit our exposure to bad germs. If a significant proportion of people in the office are sick, we should do things that can prevent us from getting sick. Workers could lose valuable productivity and when they come home, they could make the entire family sick. In some cases, influenza could children and elderly in the hospital.

It is well within our right to say something to any under-the-weather colleagues in the office. It’s important to encourage them to stay home in bed. Statements like this have positive virtues od being both true and compassionate. People could object that they are too busy or they can’t disappoint others at the office. In this case, supervisors and bosses should consider whether sick employees could work from home. With all the sophisticated technologies at our disposal, it is perfectly possible to work productively in bed and seamlessly communicate with co-workers at the office.

This way, employees could return to work reinvigorated, while getting much of the work done. Those who drag their sickly self to the office each only would only prolong their own agony. Bosses could also maintain a reasonable level of productivity by sending sick employees to their own homes. Some larger companies may have an infirmary in their office or manufacturing plants. Bosses should routinely observe their employees and send affected individuals to the nearest doctor, who can decide whether someone should stay at home.