Four Unusual Ways to Boost Our Immunity


During the time when throaty cough and muffled sneeze elicit fear among the population, we need to take some extra effort to maintain our health. Despite what parents want us to believe, going outside with wet hair or without a jacket, don’t really get us sick. Instead, we need to do some real effort to not get sick. This is particularly true for people who have high risk jobs, such as working at retail. By doing some precautions, we could do ourselves a huge favor. By exposing ourselves as little as possible to others’ germs, it’s less likely that we could come down with a flu or cold. Washing our hands or using hand sanitizers frequently won’t completely eliminate presence of virus on our hands. Instead, performing specific strategies could help us to prevent an illness.

As an example, think twice before touching parts of our faces, including eyes, nose and lips. This is a common way of injecting all bad things directly into our body. If we don’t drink and smoke, it is far less likely get sick. To improve our immunity, we should avoid from being exposed to poisonous and foreign chemicals that are equally toxic compared to biological agents that we are trying so hard to avoid. Bad viruses and bacteria don’t mind sharing our body, which could make recovery process a more difficult thing to do. Here are a few unexpected ways keep us healthy:

  1. Drink coffee moderately: Although not as healthy as fruit juice, coffee could reduce our chanced of getting sick. Actually, drinking anything hot, including chicken broth and tea, reduces the presence of bad microorganisms in our digestive system. In addition, caffeine could bring some extra boost and make us feel a bit better.
  1. Apply some alcohol in our nose: Dip a Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to reduce to kill more germs upon contact. Nostril is a good breeding ground for viruses and germs where they can incubate. Both hydrogen peroxide and alcohol are effective and safe to use in our nasal cavity.
  1. Take cold showers: This may sound a ridiculous thing to do, especially when it’s frozen outside. It is believed that cold shower could reduce our chances of getting sick. People could also feel energized and invigorated after taking cold shower.
  1. Have sex regularly: Married couples often find sex as a convenient, easy and exciting way to have an exercise. It could keep us sweating and get those positive juices flowing. Researches have discovered that sex may increase immunoglobulin, which charges our immune system